The PP requires Ábalos to correct the rehousing order so that it does not allow expropriations or housing occupations

This has been warned by the PP general secretary, Teodoro García-Egea, in a telematic press conference from the party headquarters in Genoa, in which he warned that this order is creating "legal insecurity due to its difficult fit in the Constitution "in addition to" concern for citizens ".

García Egea has branded the explanations offered by the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, whose department is responsible for housing, as "clearly insufficient" and urged that the wording of the regulation be corrected, to dispel the doubts about it.

The order establishes a housing solution within its program of care for vulnerable people consisting of the autonomous communities and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla making available to the beneficiary a house that is publicly owned, or that has been ceded for use. to a public administration, even if it maintains private ownership, appropriate to its circumstances in terms of size, services and location, to be occupied in a rental, cession of use, or any temporary occupation regime admitted by law.

"When this type of housing is not available, the aid may be applied to adequate, privately owned housing or to any residential accommodation or facilities that may be occupied by the beneficiaries, in the same regimes," adds the paragraph that has generated controversy.


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