May 10, 2021

The PP regrets that "not one euro" is allocated to the ITI or reindustrialization

The PP regrets that "not one euro" is allocated to the ITI or reindustrialization

"Shame would feel to speak of the best budgets in recent years, as noted by the Socialist Reyes, when they are written from prison, are born dead and die at the polls," as they are presented "without the support to get ahead "Calvente said in a note.

"These budgets are as spectacular as they are credible, since the socialists have already found themselves with large budgets drawn up by the Popular Party government and in six months have done nothing to execute them," he says. "That is the way of managing that the PSOE has: doing absolutely nothing, and precisely nothing – he has added – is what the PGE will bring to the province of Jaén."

The popular leader has referred to the investment for the A-32, on which he recalled that it is an investment already programmed by the government of Rajoy, who was the one who opted for the A-32 "after the paralysis decreed by Zapatero " Therefore "the socialist Jiennenses should demand from their president not to lie and not be accomplices of the deceptions of these PGE, since last year already consigned the items that should be in future budgets."

Regarding investment in rail, "the PSOE again suspended in this matter reducing almost 40 percent investment in the province of Jaén compared to 15 million that the PP government set in the latest budgets and that the PSOE has been charged with not executing. " In this sense, for Calvente "the socialist jiennenses again show their little personality when it comes to defending the interests of this province."

In this line, the popular has demanded that the socialists "stop selling smoke" because the only thing that is true in the PGE 2019 is that the government of Pedro Sanchez "has not referred a euro for the ITI of Jaén nor for programs of reindustrialization that is so necessary for the entrepreneurs of this province. " Once again, the PSOE "has ignored what are the priorities and needs of the Jaen people who, as with the scam of the stamp, intend to deceive them with budgets that will not benefit this province".

He also regretted that these are budgets that "put their hands in the pocket of farmers in the province of Jaén" and that contemplate the rise of diesel, which "the PSOE has sold as beneficial to the environment, when The only thing that has moved is to take the money from the drivers ".

He concluded by saying that "it is very easy to do demagoguery but where the effectiveness in the management is really demonstrated is presenting realistic assumptions" as only the PP "knows how to make them". But "nothing amazes me of Mr. Pedro Sánchez, that the only thing he has done from the beginning has been to lie to the Spaniards and mock them with promises that he is not willing to comply with, and the same is true with these assumptions, which are a fallacy. " Even so, recalled Calvente, "demagoguery and false promises budget after budget have already cost them dearly here in Andalusia" and, he says, "will also have consequences in the rest of the country."


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