Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

The PP recognizes that not everything that the Columbus manifesto said is true

El PP reconoce que no todo lo que decía el manifiesto de Colón es cierto

The PP rejects the accusations of falsehood that have been spilled from the government on the manifesto read on Sunday at the Plaza Colón. This statement stated, among other things, that the Government had accepted the 21 points that the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, delivered to Pedro Sánchez at your December meeting.

For the popular leadership, the manifest, agreed between the PP and Citizens, "Contained a large part of truth in all his statements," said the deputy secretary of communication, Martha

Married does not believe the announcement of electoral advance and sees it as a form of pressure to the independentistas

The steering committee of the PP, chaired by Pablo Casado, analyzed Sunday's call with Citizens and Vox and described the development of the act of "resounding success."

However, in sources of the popular leadership, it is accepted that it could be a mistake to speak in a unitary way of the Torra document, and above all to include the word "accept" to talk about the assignments of Sánchez to the conditions of the independentistas .

The PP specified that the cession was "to accept" the document that gave Torra him with the 21 points that demanded for the dialogue, "and then to negotiate them", as it has become clear for example with the Table of Parties, that appeared like one of those conditions, or the acceptance of the figure of the rapporteur in the negotiations between both governments.

"We do not know how much Sánchez could have advanced with the independentistas"

"We do not know how much Sanchez could have advanced with the independentistas", said Marta González, but there is "the evidence that it was beginning to be negotiated" and that the 21 Torra measures "were already underway".

For the PP that is not the important thing, but the number of people who met to reject the policy of Sanchez towards Catalonia and its relationship with the independence. Basically, what the PP leadership is most satisfied with is that they believe that with this call they have neutralized Vox.

The explanation of the address is that the party of Santiago Abascal had seized the flag of the unity of Spain, which had belonged first to the PP and was taking Citizens. The sources consulted emphasize that if Vox had not joined the merger, they would have profited by saying that the other parties do not want them because they are the true defenders of the essence of the Spanish nation. Now, with his participation in the act, the popular leadership considers that hegemony that was intended in the defense of Spanish unity has been removed.

But this approach is not unitary among the leaders of the PP, because there is a sector that considers that with its participation in the rally, little less than as a convening party "Vox has been whitewashed" and has provided an endorsement for Santiago Abascal, which remains as a representative of a "constitutionalist party" at the height of PP or Citizens. And at the same time the sympathizers have been told that they can vote without problems because they are homologous.

Be that as it may, in the PP they are satisfied, so much so that they have created a website, in which they intend to register those who share the call of Columbus and the defense of the unity of Spain, to be able to send them calls and initiatives of the PP in this regard.

The PP did not want the announcement of an advance of the general elections for April to blur what they consider "a success of the concentration" on Sunday, and played down that possibility. They consider it "a threat to the independentistas so that they support the budgets", made by a president of the Government "desperate to be one more year in the Moncloa".

According to the deputy secretary of communication of the PP, Marta González, "the Government sees that the Moncloa can end and does not want to convene, but perhaps it is necessary to do so", which is why in its opinion the announcement of the possibility of elections it is nothing more than "a kind of desperate ultimatum for the independents to withdraw the amendments".

The PP, which claims to be prepared for elections to be when they are, believes, however, that the message launched yesterday from the PSOE, "is a message in Catalan. Nothing else".

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