April 20, 2021

The PP proposes to protect families with two children to boost the birth rate | Society

The PP proposes to protect families with two children to boost the birth rate | Society

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented this Friday the 100 measures that will take the Special Commission on the Demographic Evolution of the Senate to face the demographic challenge and the depopulation in Spain. In this document he puts the focus on the protection of families and births, where he proposes to improve economic support and tax incentives. The popular ones, who have a majority in the commission, propose to support families with two children, who until now are left out of the aid, to contribute to the demographic recovery.

Spain has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe and, nevertheless, it is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world, so that each generation is 40% less than the previous one, according to the spokesperson of the PP in the commission, Antonio Clemente, in the presentation of the document. The PP considers that it is necessary to extend the aid to large families to those that are not and that couples with one child can have another without being conditioned by socioeconomic circumstances.

According to the data handled by the commission, the percentage of working mothers is much lower than that of those who are not, and according to the surveys, the desire of many Spanish couples is to have two children. "They have the desire, but they can not," he said. To do this, the PP proposes to favor the decision to have them and facilitate their upbringing by promoting conciliation and co-responsibility with a new law and with aid for companies that reconcile. "It would not be an expense, but an investment," Clemente has warned.

One of the measures is to promote a law of protection to motherhood, childhood and family with the greatest consensus to expand the support of public powers with economic resources and family deductions. They also plan to extend family checks and improving the taxation of products needed in the family to families with two children and expand support for mothers under 30 years.

The other important axes of this document are dealing with aging and depopulation. The PP exposes a series of measures such as addressing chronicity in the national health system and urgently approve a national plan against Alzheimer's and other dementias, as well as reinforce care for dependence.

Regarding depopulation, the document, which according to Clemente has measures supported by "some group", emphasizes the need to "ensure adequate provision of public services throughout the territory", and develop formulas for the application of digital advances in the rural world. Digitization, he stressed, is key to curbing depopulation in rural areas with a small population. In his opinion, it is necessary to develop an agenda for the digitalization of the rural environment and ensure full broadband connectivity in the horizon of 2021.

Among the proposals are the implementation of public transport programs that cover the needs of depopulated areas and incorporate incentives to economic activity, entrepreneurship and job creation. Also, a strategic integration plan that develops campaigns of coexistence and respect for equality for the integration of immigrants.

Clemente believes that immigration is another factor to consider against the demographic winter of Spain. "It is not a problem. It can be part of the solution. Not the only one, "remarked the senator, stating that" whenever it is within our regulatory framework. " In this sense, he has defended that "immigrants are playing a fundamental role in Spain and are possibly developing activities that many Spaniards do not want to do, although they can do more qualified jobs", he explains.

After transferring their proposals, the PP trusts to reach a maximum agreement with the rest of the groups in this commission that was created in 2016 and that with the Conference of Autonomous Presidents held a year later placed the demographic reality in the national debate. The conference warned that in 2031 Spain will have lost half a million inhabitants and called for the cooperation of all administrations to develop a strategy in this situation. The commission now tries to involve the European Union in the challenge and to arrive at a document with all the groups that provide solutions to the problem.


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