The PP proposes that Congress can vote on the suitability of the bailouts from the SEPI fund




The PP has put on the table the proposal that Congress can put to a vote the suitability of the rescue operations of the State Society of Industrial Participations (SEPI) and commission, if the Chamber so agrees, an external and independent assessment to verify legality in case of suspicions. All this, after the controversy that has been surrounding the rescue of the airline Plus Ultra, and of which this newspaper is reporting.

This is stated in a motion registered in Congress, as a result of the interpellation addressed to the Minister of Finance and Government spokesperson, Maria Jesus Montero, in the last control session to the Executive.

On that occasion, the PP criticized the Lack of government accountability for the rescue fund for strategic companies managed by SEPI, as well as the fact that the public industry conglomerate lacks a president. And it is that since October 2019, when Vicente Fernández Guerrero ceased due to his accusation in the ‘Aznalcóllar Case’, the body has kept this position vacant.

With the motion, the ‘popular’ They ask to appoint a president for SEPI within a month and, if not, elevate its current vice president, Bartolomé Lora, to president. They also require the Government to fulfills “really” its control obligationsly provide the information requested. Among others, the files of all the operations approved so far to the Finance Commission, with the files that justify compliance with all legal requirements.

With this documentation you want to know, once this documentation has been provided, if the majority of the Commission disagrees with the decisions adopted by SEPI and the Government In a specific operation, it is subjected to an external and independent assessment to determine if it is in accordance with the law or not.

Vox asks to investigate the rescue of Plus Ultra

It is not the only training that will take the management of this rescue fund to the Plenary of Congress, since Vox, who also questioned Minister Montero, has registered a motion to condition the management of the rescue fund and to act against one of its operations, the aid granted to the airline Plus Ultra.

And it is that in his motion, Vox has claimed forward to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office the file approved for this operation “In order to open investigation proceedings in relation to the alleged commission of crimes in the granting of aid.”

On the other hand, this training also asks “Define precisely the status of ‘strategic company'” in the Fund regulations, reduce the deadline for resolving applications to access aid from six to three months and that the president of the fund manager is accountable to Congress every three months for the evolution of operations.

Also call limiting career officials belonging to state attorneys, commercial technicians and economists, and state auditors and auditors the entry into management bodies and administration of intervened companies.

Finally, it proposes that the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) prepare a annual ‘ex-post’ report on the management of these public funds destined to strategic companies, and the submission of the same to Congress within a month of its completion.

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