The PP offers Vox a rule of family violence with aid to men, says El Mundo

The PP offers Vox a rule of family violence with aid to men, says El Mundo

The PP plans to offer Vox today to negotiate a normative development – still to be determined – in Andalusia to protect victims of mistreatment between family members, so that men can receive specific help for domestic violence.

The newspaper El Mundo published today, citing sources of the PP leadership, which is an offer to unlock the investiture of Juanma Moreno without modifying the pact of governance with Citizens, which in one of its points promises to boost the fight against violence of gender and its financing.

The party led by Santiago Abascal demands that this pact between the PP and Ciudadanos be modified in relation to sexist violence in exchange for the support of its 12 deputies in the Andalusian chamber.

According to this newspaper, the popular ones propose then not to modify the law of Andalusian gender violence, but to expand the fight against violence of "all kinds", with the aim of improving the protection of grandparents, grandmothers, children and children. men in the family, who would also receive specific support.

The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, plans to speak today by telephone of this proposal with Santiago Abascal, who has already responded on his Twitter account: "We think it is a good beginning to want to serve all victims of violence family: women and men, children and the elderly, but our program includes many other aspects that those who intend to reach the Andalusian government should listen, and in some way assume. "

And he insists: "We have not yet received this offer officially, in any case, we will have to repeat what we explained yesterday: A government that wants to have the 12 deputies of VOX for its investiture, should sit down to listen to the program voted for 400,000 Andalusians. "


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