The PP of the Canary Islands turns to rural areas

A moment of the act of the Popular Party this Saturday in Artenara. / C7

The president of the popular in the islands, Manuel Domínguez, makes an appeal in Artenara to all supra-municipal administrations: «We are obliged to make a real effort for the survival of our rural municipalities»

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People's Party of Gran Canaria has celebrated this Saturday, in the municipality of
Artenara, a forum for analysis and debate on the situation of
rural municipalities in the Canary Islands and to establish the different lines of work that contemplate the proposals of the political organization for the development of these municipalities.

During the closing of the act, the
President of the PP of the Canary Islands, Manuel Domínguez, He expressed the "concern" of the party for the situation of the rural municipalities of the archipelago. “That is why we hold a day like this, to listen to those who truly work and live in these forgotten points of our geography,” he indicated.

Payments with poor or no connectivity

For the leader of the popular canaries, «
it is vital to bet on the primary sector, for agriculture and livestock, for implementing measures that can promote these activities; without forgetting the need to invest in services. It does not follow any logic that there are still payments in our geography in which connectivity is poor or does not exist; and not only the terrestrial one, but also the one that frames the development of new technologies».

In this sense, Manuel Domínguez indicated that
«We have many pending subjects in the Canarian rural area. It is inconceivable that there is no telephone coverage, that schools are closed or that there is no investment in the business and economic development of these municipalities. There is a
clear deficiency in the provision of services and this reverts to the population. In the PP we understand that without population there is no development, and without commercial activity there will be no population. This vicious circle is extremely dangerous for rural municipalities », he pointed out.

The president of the popular in the Islands appealed to all supra-municipal administrations: “we are obliged to make a real effort for the survival of our rural municipalities.
Canary Islands is rural, our customs, traditions and history are linked to the rural world and we cannot ignore our idiosyncrasies”, he concluded.

With the assistance of several mayors of Gran Canaria

The forum, which was inaugurated by the regional general secretary of the popular and president of the organization in Gran Canaria,
Poly Suarez, had the participation of the popular mayors of the municipalities of Artenara
(Jesus Diaz), Valleseco
(Damaso Arencibia), Saint Bridget
(Miguel Jorge Blanco), Moya
(Raul Afonso); together with the deputy mayors of Santa Lucía de Tirajana
(Mark Rufus) and Arucas
(Sebastian Guerra), who participated in the "Public Management" table, moderated by the regional deputy
Jacob Qadri.

the second table,
“Citizen Actions”, moderated by the councilor of the PP in the Moya City Council
Lucia Rodriguez, included the interventions of
Serafina Suarez (president of AIDER and owner of Tejeda Ruralia),
Macarena del Rosario (ASAGA representative),
Maria del Carmen Perez (representative of CERES Canarias),
Micah Sanchez (president of the Merchants Association of Artenara),
Oscar Torres (Telefonica Sales Manager),
Lorraine Benitez (Director of CEIP Manuel Balbuena Pedraza), and
Cesar Santana (owner of Casa Cueva Paquito).

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