Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The PP of Madrid reopens in channel to a month of the municipal ones

El PP de Madrid vuelve a abrirse en canal a un mes de las municipales

It did not take a minute. As soon as he learned that he would no longer be on the PP list of Madrid City Council,
Íñigo Henríquez de Luna
He pulled social networks to announce that he was leaving his councilor's deed and disenrolls in the game. It seemed like an act impulsivebut it was good meditated: give back to the party, and the mayoral candidate, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, his indifference in these last years of political career. Because de Luna was not an Aedile anymore.

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Right hand of Esperanza Aguirre as spokesman of the Popular group in the Assembly of Madrid in 2011 and when he occupied the number two of the list of Aguirre to the City of Madrid in the elections of 2015, Luna even took the reins of the campaign election of the PP in those elections. Two years later, with the resignation of 'the leader', came the redress: the PP municipal group skipped the scale of command and, with the approval of the then regional president, Cristina Cifuentes, chose number three on the list , José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to occupy the spokesperson after an internal vote in which Almeida obtained 10 votes in favor of the 20 councilors of the group, against eight votes of Henríquez de Luna. Something broke at that moment. And with these words the mayor himself confirmed yesterday:

"After a life defending the ideas I believe in, they tell me that I do not give the profile of the new PP. Out of respect for the people of Madrid, coherence and dignity, I have decided to leave my councilor's deed and withdraw myself. I renounce an acronym where they do not want me, but not my principles. "

The message caught with the changed foot the candidate Almeida who, after wishing him the best and thanking him for the services rendered, criticized the forms. The problem for Almeida is that it was not going to be enough to close the wound. Unlike.

Throughout the afternoon there were discordant voices within the PP of Madrid for the ways in which one of the aediles best valued internally for their "dialogue tone" and their "experience" was dispensed with. Voices of leaders who were waiting for the slightest chance to air their disputed differences, among others, by the stabbing of historic ediles to make room for paratroopers such as Andrea Levy, who has slipped as number 2 on the list for Madrid. The same complaints that have caused the Municipal Group PP in the City of Madrid is the bench that has suffered the most changes in this term. Up to seven have been the popular councilors who have abandoned their council minutes since 2015.

The own candidate of the PP to the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, tried to calm the spirits yesterday by blaming the departure of the exconcejal to the process of renewal of the formation. "He is a good politician and a great councilor; I wish him all the best, "said Ayuso, who stressed that the PP has a" big bench in which everyone fits. " "Many times in these stages there is renewal but that does not mean that people will be counted in any way in positions for the future," he said in search of sealing the peace. But the bleeding remained unblocked.

The conciliatory and dialogical character of Henríquez de Luna has been recognized even by his political opponents as is the case of the first deputy mayor, Marta Higueras, and the second deputy mayor, Nacho Murgui, who have highlighted, respectively, both his " integrity "as" their respect, commitment and rigor ". Qualities that "seem necessary" after elections that predict an atomization of the hemicycle and the "obligation to agree and dialogue," recognize some of the critical voices within the PP.

Criticism joins the nervousness of another half dozen prominent municipal leaders of the PP who yesterday remained without knowing their future because of the secrecy Almeida is having when adjusting his team for the elections in May. A little over a month for the elections, the PP of Madrid returns to open in channel.

The opposition has valued the integrity and commitment of a politician relegated after the departure of his supporter, Esperanza Aguirre

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