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The PP of Madrid reinforces its Executive Committee with four new areas

El PP de Madrid reorganiza su Comité Ejecutivo con cuatro nuevas áreas

He PP of Madrid It is in full phase of maneuvers prior to the 2019 election campaign. The training has reinforced his committee ejecutive with four new areas and with the objective of "continuing to be the most voted force" in the entire Community of Madrid in the upcoming regional and municipal elections of May 2019.

In this way David Erect is named president of the electoral committee and new areas are created in the vice-secretaries of Organization and Electoral, Territorial, Sectorial Action and Communication. In addition, the mayor of Pozuelo, Susana Pérez Quislant, member of the Council of Mayors of the PP, is named.

The regional organization is the party of "reference" in Madrid since 1989 and with this with this new structure raises recover the City of Madrid, as well as recover the Government in fifty municipalities in the region.

In the words of the popular president, Pío García-Escudero, "the coming times are not good, the current Government of Spain is inconsistent and the Popular Party is always the solution". "That is why we have to imbue ourselves with responsibility because people are expecting a lot from us and we are prepared," he said.

Likewise, the vice-secretary of Organization and Electoral, area that directs Alfonso Serrano, is reinforced with the incorporation of four new areas: Secretariat of Mobilization of Leaders, with Africa Sanchez at the front, Electoral Logistics coordinated by José Fernández, Electoral Agents headed by Manuel Ortiz and the Corporate Image Secretariat that will be directed by José Antonio Sánchez.

The deputy secretary of Territorial, headed by Antonio González Terol, will create in turn the Secretariat of Municipal Strategy, which will direct the spokesperson of the PP in Móstoles, Mirina Cortés; the secretariat of Territorial Coordination, which will be carried by the spokesperson of the PP in Fuenlabrada, Sergio López; that of Action of Local Policy, governed by the councilman of Pozuelo Pablo Gil; the Action of the Local Administration, directed by Ignacio Vázquez, mayor of Torrejón de Ardoz.

Likewise, Jorge Garcia, mayor of Colmenar Viejo will be in charge of the Secretary of Institutional Relations; the secretary of Coordination with the regional government will be José de la Uz, mayor of Las Rozas and the relationship with the municipal group, Ángel Carromero.

In addition, four 'super areas' of coordination are created to organize all the actions of the party. The northern area will be chaired by the mayor of Tres Cantos, Jesús Moreno, the south zone by the councilor of Getafe, Mirene Presas; the western area by Enrique Serrano and the eastern area by the councilman of Alcalá de Henares Manuel Isoldi.

For its part, the communication area, led by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, will separate Communication and Innovation. Carlos Díaz Pache continues as Secretary of Communication and coordinator of the other areas and journalist Miriam Bravo joins as Secretary of Innovation.

The objective of this new area is to strengthen digital meetings with society and communication. Likewise, Ana Millán, Vice-Secretary of Communication, will also be in charge of the area of ​​local communication to help all district and municipal offices with local communication in the face of the campaign.

The area of ​​Communication and media directed by journalist Isabel Rábago is now called the Media and Telegeny Area to help municipal candidates prepare for the media and strengthen regional relations with regional and local media and their journalists.

The area of ​​Internal Channels and Message is also created, whose secretary will be Nicolay Yordanov and whose objective is to reinforce and coordinate the daily message through the channels that the party has. Digital communication will also be present in the vice-secretary and for this the Digital Communication area will be created, which will be directed by Andrés Navarro.

For its part, the Deputy Secretary of Sectorial Action directed by Ana Camíns, is reinforced by the incorporation of three new areas and three new Forums will also be created. The Department of Health will be headed by Dr. Eduardo Raboso, regional deputy and Head of Otolaryngology Service of the Hospital of La Princesa.

The Department of Sustainability Area will be led by the delegate of Environment and Mobility of the Madrid City Council and current vice-councilor of Humanization of Health Care, Diego Sanjuanbenito.

Borja Fanjul, who has been General Director of Disability Support Policies in the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, will head the Disability Policy area secretariat.

In addition, a new Mobility Forum will be launched, which will be chaired by the City Council of Madrid, Inmaculada Sanz and a specific Digital Transformation Forum. On the other hand, the Professional Forum will also be incorporated into the University Forum.

Isabel Rábago will direct the Media and Telegeny Area of ​​the PP in Madrid

Isabel Rábago will direct the Media and Telegeny Area of ​​the PP in Madrid

The area of ​​Communication and media directed by journalist Isabel Rábago is now called Media and Telegeny Area to help municipal candidates prepare for the media

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