The PP now says that it wants to talk to the Government after its vote against the energy saving decree

The PP now says that it wants to talk to the Government after its vote against the energy saving decree

The reproaches between the Government and the main opposition party have continued this Friday after Congress will validate the energy saving decree thanks to his investiture partners and despite the refusal of the PP. While the latter now assures that it is willing to negotiate with the Executive on State issues, as long as they do not throw their proposals "in the garbage can", the Government stresses that the formation led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo exercises a "toxic opposition" .

After the insults and disqualifications directed by the PP to the Government in the plenary session on Thursday, the popular leadership has maintained this Friday that it wants to resume contacts with the Executive. “I already tell you that I am delighted and as soon as possible to talk about important issues, but the Government does not want to, cannot, its partners will not let it, this is the reality”, the general coordinator and the deputy secretary of Organization of the PP, Elías Bendodo, when asked if Feijóo is going to call Sánchez to resume contact.

In April Feijóo met with Sánchez in Moncloa shortly after being appointed leader of the PP and, according to Bendodo, showed him his "commitment" as a state party to advance pacts for justice, energy, the Constitution or national security. “None has been heard”, he has lamented.

The Deputy Secretary of Organization of the PP, Miguel Tellado, has wished, for his part, that the new proposals that his party is going to transfer to the Government "are more successful" than "all the previous ones", since these, in his opinion, " they have gone to the rubbish bin without even having looked at them”.

In an interview on esRadio, Tellado also said that his party is preparing a technical document with specific proposals on energy saving, which they will announce in the coming weeks, focused on "how to lower the electricity bill for families, companies and guarantee supply. That is “the real debate”, he has highlighted.

“Against common sense”

Following the statements by Bendodo and Tellado, the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has described the PP as a "toxic opposition" that is "against common sense and against citizens" for voting 'no' to the package of savings measures that also included transportation aid or improvement in scholarships.

Bolaños has also denied the accusations of the popular about the lack of interest of the Executive to dialogue and reach agreements: “Before approving the decree we met twice with all the parliamentary groups and the PP was at the table. It strikes me that they say that we have not met. In those meetings, Ribera asked that they make us proposals and I am going to tell you what the PP did: zero proposals”, the minister assured.

The head of the Presidency has admitted that the Government is already working on a new Contingency Plan for winter, for which he states that all proposals will be taken into account. “We are going to work and implement a package of measures that will surely be forceful, effective and common sense. The same measures are being applied in other European countries and nothing happens, but there is no such toxic opposition there as we have. Here the PP makes a scorched earth opposition”, he concluded.

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