November 28, 2020

The PP muddies the debate on the Budgets with an amendment to the entirety of the Government’s actions

Every time Congress faces a vote in which the cards have already been cast, the debate ends up becoming a salad of issues that have little to do with the issue and that turn into a fight that makes parliamentary dialogue impossible. This has happened this Wednesday in the presentation of the amendments to the totality of the project of the General State Budgets (PGE) where the deputies of the Popular Party have starred in a constant mess in the turn of reply of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero . The rally has been so monumental that when the VOX deputy, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, came out to defend his amendment against public accounts, he asked his parliamentary group not to reproduce the “embarrassing spectacle” that has been experienced in the Hemicycle .

The Government designs Budgets for 2021 to start reducing the expenditure and income gap with Europe

The Government designs Budgets for 2021 to start reducing the expenditure and income gap with Europe

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Seven parties in Congress have presented amendments to the entirety -PP, Vox, Junts, Foro Asturias, the CUP, Coalición Canaria and the BNG, plus UPN without amendment, but will support the withdrawal of the accounts-, but the coalition Government has achieved gather enough support for this process to go ahead without problems with the support of the political formations that have already led the PSOE and UP to Moncloa.

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has taken his turn to make a speech typical of a State of the Nation debate, arguing that it had been almost a year since the last elections that the Executive of coalition, criticizing all aspects of the government’s action from the Education law to the controversies with the monarchy, tiptoeing over the public accounts defended in the morning by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero.

Despite the continuous interruptions due to the anger that the PP deputies have mounted, the minister has reproached the leader of the popular people for going to the Lower House to talk about issues other than public accounts – “you are misplaced”, has snapped. Montero has not shrunk before the screams and interruptions of the PP parliamentarians whom he has described as the “virus of political tension”, which has caused the storm of screams to increase without the president of Congress, Meritell Batet, get order.

In the morning, the Minister of Finance defended that the public accounts offer “certainty, confidence and hope” that will allow to lay the foundations of a “solid, fair and sustainable growth, advance in the modernization of the productive system and generate greater social and territorial cohesion “and asked the political groups for a civilized debate that will serve to improve public accounts when” there can be no doubting the urgent need for this country to have “new Budgets since the 2018 PGEs are still extended. It has not been possible.

Without going into the big numbers, Casado has gone back up to 30 years to talk about other PSOE governments and the economic crises that these executives have had to address. This has caused the popular deputy and the finance minister to engage in a give and take about which government, whether socialist or from the Popular Party, had more unemployed or more deficit.

Casado has defined the Budget project with “the usual ‘D’ of the PSOE: depression, deficit, debt, unemployment, waste and shoot up taxes” and has reproached the expansive nature of public accounts that “are going to a crisis without palliative “which will make them become the” beginning of austerity. “” They had the opportunity to give a message of reformism and a plan for growth and have preferred demagogic patronage and electoralism at the expense of our grandchildren who will pay the debt “, has reviewed.

According to Casado, the 53% increase in spending will be dedicated to paying “plug-ins”, advisers to the president and advertising and propaganda when taxes on the middle class are raised with increases in diesel, the rise in insurance premiums, sugary drinks or single-use plastics.

“To say that they are country budgets as the Minister of Finance has said when they bring the stamp of EH Bildu, Esquerra Republicana (ERC) and the most radical party that is part of a government in the EU, such as Podemos, I think it is not the best definition, “said the popular leader. Casado has linked the possible agreement of the Government with the formation of Arnaldo Otegi with the approach of prisoners of the terrorist group ETA to prisons in the Basque Country.

The debate has fallen to levels in which the minister has reproached Casado for treating her “with a certain intellectual superiority” and has drawn the controversy over the master’s degree from the PP leader while he accused him of not taking the dead into account by COVID-19.

A slopes that benefit “the elites that depend on the BOE”

Espinosa de los Monteros has also not entered the budget figures and has made a general criticism of the government’s policies. The Vox deputy has pointed out that the public accounts are designed to benefit “the elites that depend on the BOE” which will not benefit “the invisible, the Spaniards hit by the crisis, but the Ibex managers.”

“Unreal, irresponsible and diametrically opposed to what Spain needs”, have been the epithets that Espinosa de los Monteros has used about Budgets, which in the opinion of the VOX deputy are “incredible” and “a real nonsense because they put the poor recovery “.

Espinosa de los Monteros has criticized that “no superfluous spending” has been reduced in relation to the Executive Ministries of Pedro Sánchez and has declared that “a comprehensive reform of the Spanish Administration is justified to cut political spending.”


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