The PP makes its offer to Ciudadanos profitable and grows almost three points, United We can recover and the PSOE remains, according to the CIS

CIS March 2021

CIS vote estimate (in% of the total valid vote)

The PSOE maintains a wide advantage over the PP at the national level, according to the barometer of the Sociological Research Center (CIS) for the month of April. Pedro Sánchez continues with 31.5% of the votes compared to 20.6% for Pablo Casado, which grows, however, almost three points compared to last month’s poll at the expense of Citizens, which fell again to 6.7 % of the votes. Unidos Podemos rises one point and stands at 10.7% compared to the 12.9% it obtained in the 2019 elections. Vox would obtain practically the same result with 15.4%.

The CIS survey was carried out between April 5 and 14, when elections had been called in the Community of Madrid several weeks ago as a reaction by Isabel Díaz Ayuso to the motion of censure that PSOE and Ciudadanos unsuccessfully promoted in the Region of Murcia, where it failed due to the transfer of three Citizens’ deputies who voted against it despite having signed it.

The PP makes the operation profitable, which led to a takeover bid for Ciudadanos with signings such as Toni Cantó. The PP recovers slightly – the estimate is similar to the electoral result – with respect to the last survey. Citizens does suffer significant wear and tear. Although the CIS predicts a similar percentage to that obtained by Albert Rivera at the polls, it is a drop compared to the forecast of the last barometers, which gave him around 9% of the votes. The new scenario, however, does not take its toll on the Socialists, who remain in the lead with an even greater result than the one they achieved at the polls on November 10.

Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Díaz and Margarita Robles, the only ones who pass

The survey already collects the opinion of the citizens after Pablo Iglesias’ announcement of attending the Madrid elections and handing over the leadership to Yolanda Díaz. In fact, it no longer includes the former vice president in the assessment of the members of the Government, but it does include the national leaders. Pedro Sánchez gets a 4.5, followed by Casado (3.5). Iglesias ties with Arrimadas and Santiago Abascal is the worst rated with a 2.7.

The new third vice president has a mark substantially higher than that of Iglesias: she passes with a 5.2 compared to the 3.3 that Iglesias receives, although her knowledge index is slightly lower. Only three members of the Government approved: in addition to Yolanda Díaz, the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño (with an average score of 5.3) and the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles (also 5.3).


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