The PP leadership assures that "there is no type of conflict between Feijóo and Ayuso"

The PP leadership assures that "there is no type of conflict between Feijóo and Ayuso"

The Deputy Secretary for Regional and Local Coordination of the PP, Pedro Rollán, has accused the Cabinet of La Moncloa of giving "guidelines" to its ministers to "try to generate" a climate of confrontation between the current leadership of Alberto Núñez Feijóo and the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayusofor criticism of the Government's energy saving plan.

The Government of Ayuso will appeal the energy saving plan before the Constitutional Court

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“There is no type of discrepancy or conflict between President Feijóo and President Ayuso”, the 'popular' leader defended in an interview with Europa Press, where he blamed the PSOE for wanting this confrontation between 'Genoa ' and the head of the Madrid Executive.

In fact, as Rollán has claimed, Isabel Díaz Ayuso was "the first to benefit" from a "very important" decision that Feijóo made upon his arrival at the party's national leadership, such as setting a date for the celebration of the Regional Congress of the PP in the Community of Madrid.

In this context, Rollán has accused PSOE ministers of "disagreeing" with each other, referring to the controversy between Félix Bolaños and Margarita Robles over espionage on Sánchez's cell phone. "What happens in the PSOE is known by all and what they intend to generate is that mirage within the PP, which has no place", the popular leader has settled.

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In any case, the popular deputy secretary has come out in defense of the appeal of unconstitutionality that will present the Community of Madrid to the decree of energy saving measures of the central government because he considers that this plan "does invade competences", specifically, as he has said, in terms of businesses.

When asked why only one community presents it and not all those governed by the PP if they consider that competences are being invaded, Rollán has defended that the judicial procedure that Ayuso will initiate is endorsed because he considers that “this is reflected in the Statute of Autonomy itself ” of the Community of Madrid.

For this reason, he has argued that, "within the autonomy that the Executives governed by the PP have", each one decides whether or not to present this appeal of unconstitutionality. "The party's national leadership respects the decisions of the regional governments, we are neither here to mandate nor to protect", he has proclaimed.

On whether the PP at the national level is considering appealing the government decree, Rollán has assured that they are waiting to see "how it develops" and "depending on events" they will make the decision they consider "most timely".

He does not believe that it will be processed as a bill

When talking about the energy plan decree, Rollán sees "very convenient" that it be processed in Congress as a bill to be able to introduce some change, but he does not believe that the Government wants to do it "because there they would be exposed to being carried out. made a series of amendments.

In fact, the 'popular' leader has insisted on demanding the immediate withdrawal of the energy saving decree, which came into force this Wednesday, reproaching Sánchez for not having taken into account the autonomous communities and the town councils for the preparation of this plan. .

However, Rollán has not wanted to reveal the meaning of the vote of the 'popular' to the decree: "That will be determined at the moment in which the procedure formally corresponds in the Congress of Deputies."

Asks "not to demonize" nuclear

However, the also senator of the 'popular' has urged the Government to decide if it wants to "rule out" a source of energy such as nuclear, of which he has said that the party's leadership "does not defend, but neither does it demonize" .

“We must not go backwards. Respect for the enviroment? All. Power source optimizations? Of course, but squandering energy sources as the PSOE and Podemos have done in recent years does not help contain prices”, Rollán has sentenced.

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