July 10, 2020

The PP is launched against Sanchez spreading videos with his statements lashing out against Iglesias and "populism"

The PP has launched on Tuesday against the pre-agreement that Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias have sealed for a coalition government spreading videos on social networks with past statements from the leader of the PSOE in which he lashed out at the secretary general of Podemos and flatly rejected any of the PSOE with "populism".

The announcement of the principle of agreement between Sánchez and Iglesias has taken "by surprise" Casado and his team, which at 12.00 had called a meeting of the National Executive Committee of the PP to analyze the results of the general elections this Sunday.

Casado, who has appeared without questions after that meeting, has denounced that the president of the Government "has not even" deigned to call the Popular Party "and has anticipated that the PP will make a" resounding opposition "if that new government is constituted . After assuring that "the goat throws to the mount", he has said that Sanchez has closed the door to "any collaboration" with the 'popular'.

Afterwards, the PP has disseminated in his official Twitter account videos of Sánchez in which he charged against Iglesias and "populism". The first of them refers to last summer when Sanchez refused to have Iglesias in his government claiming he would not sleep at night.

"I have to admit that he would be a president of the Government who would not sleep at night along with 95% of the citizens of this country who would not feel calm, even voters of United We Can," said Sanchez.

The Popular Party asks its followers on social networks to spread that message if they share it. "Do retuit if you could not sleep either," he says in his message, which already has more than 1,600 retuits and 1,100 likes.

In addition, the PP has hung another tape of an interview that they did to Sanchez in September 2014 when he was secretary general of the PSOE and rejected flat that the PSOE could agree with populism.

"He will not agree with populism. The end of populism is Chavez's Venezuela, poverty, ration cards and lack of democracy," said the current president of the Government. The PP ensures in its message that this is the "word of Pedro Sánchez".


The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has also strongly criticized that agreement and has affirmed that the embrace in which Iglesias and Sánchez have merged is "the embrace of unemployment and recession." "Sanchez will be able to sleep peacefully, but the Spaniards will not," he added.

More party charges have lashed out against that pact. The councilor of the PP in Bilbao and vice-secretary of the party in Biscay, Carlos García, says that Sanchez "has given the vice presidency of the Government to the defender of the 'Berlin Wall' and the misery of 'Chavismo'.

"But it can be even worse and give the Ministry of Interior to some hitman of the terrorist Otegi. Everything is possible with someone like that in La Moncloa," adds the mayor 'popular' also on Twitter.

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