The PP is angry with the press for talking about a new photo of Colón

The Popular Party does not understand why "the media" have talked about a new picture of Columbus after it became known that PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, as well as their respective leaders, Pablo Casado, Santiago Abascal and Inés Arrimadas, will participate in the concentration that will take place in the Madrid square on June 13 against the Government grants pardons to independence prisoners. That image of the union of the three rights will occur again two years and three months after the historic image of the February 2019 rally in that same Madrid square against Pedro Sánchez in which, for the first time, the leaders of the three conservative formations could be seen together.

Casado defends Rajoy's attack on the Statute that PP charges considered a mistake: "We will do it again"

Casado defends Rajoy's attack on the Statute that PP charges considered a mistake: "We will do it again"

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But from the leadership of the PP they do not consider that the new protest, called by a platform promoted by the former leader of UPyD, Rosa Díez, has nothing to do with that of 2019 and they consider that the fact that the media has spoken of a new photo de Colón is due to the "Moncloa propaganda" that Casado's team believes tries to link the popular with the extreme right for political interests.

The PP leader himself expressed his anger on Tuesday during an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press. "I am very surprised that the media agenda is taking care of the finger and not the moon," he assured, before accusing the press of launching "probe balloons" when talking about that new photo of Colón. Married, he added, he has no problem in sharing a protest with Vox again because his obligation is "to be with real Spain." That is, in his opinion, the one that will demonstrate in the Madrid square in two weeks with the extreme right.

In Genoa 13 they were surprised yesterday by the comparison of the concentration against pardons with the one that took place in 2019. And they assured that the PP has also demonstrated on other occasions together with Vox, such as in the protests against the new Education law , known as 'Celáa law'.

"Who wins? Whoever lies the best"

A year ago married He also publicly showed his anger with the press. "With this propaganda thing, the truth does not matter. It does not matter if you lie in Parliament, as has happened with the Interior with the Civil Guard, as has happened with Mr. Ábalos and Venezuela, as has happened with the Dina case. ... ", pointed out the leader of the PP in July 2020." Here people do not matter if they lie. Of course, if they have more media, more covers and more budgets, they win. Hey, you can't do politics like that! " he complained during a colloquium.

Next, he added: "If the truth is irrelevant in the political debate, who wins? The one who lies the best. It doesn't matter if they accuse us of twitching. If they have media, if they have covers and have BOE, then nothing. And past Tomorrow they accuse us of arsonists and we will be. What responsibility must the media have at least to demand the truth? "

"I am not saying that they say we do it well, or that they do it wrong, I have not the slightest interest. I simply say: 'Hey, this is a lie.' 'It is a lie that Mr. Casado has to do with any type of cut, the one who cut was Mr. Sánchez ';' it is a lie that Mr. Casado has been negotiating against the Government of Spain in the European budget negotiation. His three colleagues from the PP are the ones who have signed it, '"he denounced Married.

"Nobody says that. Today what you read in the press is 'Sánchez looked very proud', 'he was applauded', 'I don't know how many deputies there were.' Is there anyone who is talking about the seven million Spaniards [en paro] Or the figures that Cambridge has told you that are pathetic? "


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