July 6, 2020

The PP insists on a debate on November 5 and a face to face Casado-Sánchez

The Popular Party has insisted on holding the electoral debate among the five candidates of the main parties with parliamentary representation on November 5, and not a day before as the Television Academy has proposed, to be held after the publication of the latest data from the stoppage.

Sources of the PP have remarked that they accept that debate between the candidates of PSOE, PP, Citizens, Podemos and Vox but they emphasize the "need" for a "face-to-face" to be celebrated between Pablo Casado and Pedro Sánchez.

The Academy of Television Sciences and Arts has proposed a five-year debate on November 4 with the participation of PSOE, PP, Citizens, United We Can and Vox and whose signal can use all media and audiovisual platforms.

This has been confirmed by Efe, the president emeritus of the Academy, Manuel Campo Vidal, who has detailed that it has also been proposed that the debate be moderated by the current president of the organization, María Casado.

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