The PP includes among the "Bolivarian totalitarianisms" Peru after the controversy of the president of the Andean Congress

The controversial visit of the president of the Peruvian Parliament, María del Carmen Alva, to Congress of the Deputies, on December 2, has starred this Thursday in part of the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House, in which, after a hard debate, a non-law proposal proposed by United We Can was approved. supporting the legitimacy of the Government of the Andean country, chaired by the leftist Pedro Castillo.

The Congress of Peru rejects the motion of censure against its president

The Congress of Peru rejects the motion of censure against its president

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The initiative was registered after last weekend it emerged that in the meeting held by Alva and a delegation from his country with several members of the Foreign Commission of the Spanish Parliament, the president of the Peruvian Congress gave a speech of about 10 minutes which was exclusively aimed at "discrediting" and "delegitimizing" the president of his own country.

Three of those attending the meeting between the president of the Peruvian Congress and the Congress Foreign Commission explained to on Monday that, at the meeting, Alva assured, with the following words, that in Peru "the Executive wants to close the legislative "through a" self coup ", or that Castillo is a" government of terrorists "and" of uneducated. " "It is totally false that he has requested or made any mention against President Pedro Castillo," she assured on Saturday, in statements to Radio Programs of Peru.

In this Thursday's commission - which coincided with the failure of a motion of censure against Alva in the Peruvian Parliament - PP deputy Carlos Rojas has assured that, by supporting the legitimacy of Pedro Castillo, the left seeks to "contribute to the fact that in Peru consolidates a government of the extreme left, which changes the country's Constitution and chronifies the system that already exists in Venezuela, Cuba or Nicaragua. "

In his opinion, the Andean country is experiencing an "institutional crisis" caused by the Spanish Government and, therefore, has shown its support for the president of the Peruvian Congress. Rojas has included Peru among "Bolivarian totalitarianisms" with the following words addressed to United We Can: "Stop trying to destroy the remaining democracies in Latin America. Stop being the hand that rocks the cradle of Bolivarian totalitarianisms." The Vox deputy who intervened in the debate has spoken in similar terms, calling the Castillo government "undemocratic", which was the winner of the Peruvian elections held last June.

The origin of the controversy

Previously, Lucía Muñoz, a member of the United We Can, had expressed her "resounding support for legitimacy and the democratically elected government" in Peru. "Friendship with Peru is demonstrated with support in the most complex moments. We take democracy very seriously and in the face of destabilization attempts, democracy must always defend itself, whatever the result," he concluded. Also from PSOE, EH Bildu and ERC, forces that supported the initiative of United We Can, showed recognition of the legitimacy of the Peruvian Government.

The open political crisis in Peru as a result of the visit of the president of the Parliament of the Andean country to the Spanish Congress of Deputies was generated as a result of the publication, by the Andean magazine Hildebrant in his thirteen, from an audio in which you can listen to the deputy of the PSOE and secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Congress, Noemí Villagrasa, show her discomfort at the intervention that Alva made during her visit to the Lower House and, specifically, in the aforementioned commission that was held on December 2.

"The president of the Commission, the vice president and the secretary of the Commission, even the spokespersons, felt very violent with the tone that the president of the Peruvian Congress brought. We have never seen ourselves in such a position or with non-democratic countries. Meetings between parliaments are always held in terms of collaboration, cooperation, twinning. We have never seen ourselves in such a situation ", Villagrasa is heard saying in the audio broadcast by the aforementioned magazine, and which has been shared through from different Twitter accounts.


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