The PP hopes to join with Cs and Vox to "expel" to the left on May 26

The PP hopes to join with Cs and Vox to "expel" to the left on May 26

The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, said today that, after the regional and municipal elections on May 26, his party will try to agree with Citizens and Vox, as in Andalusia, to "expel" the left of councils and communities.

"If we can, if we add, if we get the majority support of citizens in each municipality, do not doubt that we will try to agree to expel the left of these municipalities and the autonomous communities," said García Egea in statements to the Cope.

He also considered "surprising" that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, "threatens to apply the 155 in Andalusia because it governs the PP and not in Catalonia", after he warned yesterday that he will use "all the instruments of the State" that be within your reach in case the future Andalusian Executive puts into question or cut "rights and freedoms" of women.

A warning that Garcia Egea has described as "incredible", taking into account that "the safety of people" is at risk in Catalonia, which is "where freedoms are being cut and people can not live in peace and freedom" of "the friends of their partners", in reference to the Committees of Defense of the Republic, which "try to break the coexistence".

The PP, has emphasized, wants to lead the center right, "to all the Spain of the balconies, which puts the proud flag" and that are proud also that there is freedom so that whoever wants to go to the bulls or hunting, can do it, and who does not want, that does not do it.

A leadership that, in his opinion, includes everyone who feels identified with these principles and values, with the view that, as of the May elections, "the left does not govern and does not continue to harm cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​which have already suffered enough with Carmena and Ada Colau these four years ".

The first step on that path will be the Government of Andalusia, which will have to count on Vox's opinion, because the Andalusians "would not understand" -he pointed out- that politicians will dedicate themselves to looking at themselves "the navels" and to see if it gets " a comma here or there "instead of making laws that represent them and that improve their lives. "This is what we all have to do beyond the prominence that one or the other has," he added.

"For many excuses that Sanchez tries to invent, socialism in Andalusia is over and will give way to a new time in which Juanma Moreno, the PP and the other parties to which the Andalusians have given an important role, which They are Citizens and Vox, they are going to make a new government possible ", he added.

Regarding the positive balance made yesterday by the Chief Executive, Pedro Sanchez, of his seven months of government, Garcia Egea has been ironical saying that he understands and that "it is normal for the president to make a triumphalist balance because life at 10,000 feet altitude and in a Falcon it has to be seen in another way ".

In a different way they see it, according to their criteria, the Spaniards who "step on the street every day, who wake up early, who lift the blind, who pay taxes" and who see that the economy "is going to get worse" since Sánchez is president.


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