The PP hopes that the motion of Cs against Torra "is not in simple postureo"

The president of the Catalan PP, Alejandro Fernández, has celebrated on Monday that Cs has decided to present a motion of censure against the president of the Generalitat, as he had been asked by the popular in recent months, but he hopes that "it will not remain as a simple political posture ".

At a press conference with the secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, after bringing together the leadership committee of the party headed by the popular leader, Pablo Casado, in Barcelona, ​​he explained that he is available to Cs to obtain the necessary support so that This motion of censure pulls forward and has ensured that he has already requested a meeting with the leader of the Orange Party, Lorena Roldán.

Fernández has indicated that he proposes to reach a "non-ideological democratic" commitment that serves to restore democracy and freedom that, according to him, is at risk in Catalonia, guarantee the security and free movement of Catalans, and restore the spirit of the 6 and September 7, when the constitutionalist parties united to reject the unilateral path of independence.

The possibility that this motion of censure will prosper is remote, since the CUP has already announced that it will not support it and the vote of the four deputies 'cupaires' along with that of the groups that support the Government - JxCat and ERC - add up absolute majority in the Parliament, so that the motion would not go ahead even if it managed to combine Cs, PSC, comuns and PP.

However, Fernández has insisted that he will try to convince the PSC and the communs, whom he has asked to follow the example of former deputy Joan Coscubiela in the last legislature: "The position defended by Coscubiela is much more dignified, honest, clean and democratic at the time they are defending now. "

He has also addressed the first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta: "I like him but as a politician it seems like a disaster. But if he presented himself to a motion of censure against Torra he would have no doubt who he would choose. He would choose him I do not ask you to fall in love with the PP and Cs, I ask you to support the Democrats and live up to the circumstances. "

In addition, he stressed that the most important thing about this motion is to send a message to the constitutionalist Catalans to "know that they will never feel lonely again."

Asked why he thinks of the change of opinion of Cs, who has decided to submit the motion after repeatedly rejecting the possibility of presenting it as requested by the PP, he replied that he prefers not to comment on this change of position: "One of the keys to that generosity is sincere is not to taunt when someone corrects their position. "


García Egea has lamented that the change of opinion of Cs with the motion of censure against Torra has not also occurred in his refusal to make the Spain Suma coalition for the general elections of 10N.

He has reasoned that the important thing is what is going to be done and not the people who are going to do it, so he has ensured that, if Iceta or someone from the commons was presented instead of a Cs candidate for the motion of censure, "It would not be a problem to return the legality in Catalonia."

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