The PP goes to 8M to defend a feminism "without labels" and without ideology

The vice secretary of Social Policy of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, has defended the presence of his party in the demonstration of Women's Day in Madrid to "add" in the claim of real equality and to bet on a message of "feminism without labels" And without ideologies.

Gamarra is one of the representatives of the PP that participates in the march of the 8M together with his secretary of Equality, María del Mar Blanco and his general secretary in Madrid, Ana Camins, among others.

"The 8M is the day of all Spanish women and today the PP wants to celebrate, on the one hand, what we have achieved and also claim what we have left to achieve," Gamarra said at the beginning of the demonstration that starts in the square from Atocha.

The leader of the PP has referred to the wage gap, maternal and gender violence. "The whole society has to work together" and "is good," he said "that girls see that society is mobilized and that it has nothing to do with ideologies."

Gamarra has claimed the presence of the PP on this day with the aim of "adding" and the need to send a message of "a feminism without labels."

"That women are not labeled, it is a conquest that we have to achieve a whole society, there must be that inclusive feminism that seeks to add everyone and invite men to this social cause to transform society," he emphasized.

Asked about the absences of his party in this demonstration, such as that of his parliamentary spokesman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, Gamarra has said that there are no differences, but "freedom" and "plurality" for each one to make their decisions.

The PP goes to the demonstration without a banner but with its own manifesto entitled "Woman above all."


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