November 30, 2020

The PP goes on the attack with Sánchez for his “mistakes” and asks him to stop “lies”

The PP has hardened the tone of its speech against the Government of Pedro Sánchez for its “errors” in the coronavirus crisis, among which the delay in the arrival of medical supplies for professionals and hospitals, the purchase of “tests failed “to detect Covid-19 or not to prevent the March 8 demonstrations for International Women’s Day. After asking him to stop “lies”, I warned him that the loyalty he asks for must be accompanied by “a minimum of efficiency”.

Casado himself, who this Friday chairs the meeting of the monitoring committee of his party’s Covid-19, raised those criticisms against Sánchez in the plenary session of Congress that approved to extend the state of alarm at dawn on Thursday. In that debate, he accused him of “ineffectiveness” and “negligence” for not acting earlier and reproached him for not suspending mass events such as the March 8 demonstrations “Do you believe that you have done so well to have the second country in the world in number of deaths? “he snapped.

Those accusations and request for responsibilities to the Government were repeated this Thursday after the purchase of unreliable tests of the Covid-19 from an unlicensed company that was reported by various media. “We have offered support to the government, but we are not going to grant amnesty to their mistakes in managing the crisis,” said PP general secretary Teodoro García Egea.

According to the ‘number two’ of the PP, the Government “is appearing more than ever, but is reporting less than ever.” “All his messages are prefabricated, full of empty words and questions from journalists that are filtered so that they are not uncomfortable,” he assured in an interview with ‘’.


García Egea considers that this crisis “has overcome the Government” and its management “is not being effective.” In his opinion, they are “trying to hide their lack of competition by giving empty press conferences with no data to provide, and no measures to announce.”

“While the Spanish are setting an example, Sánchez and his ministers are giving rallies at the Moncloa,” the secretary general of the ‘popular’ has added in the same interview, in which he recommends the chief executive to listen to the regional presidents instead of “turn your back on them.”

The spokesman for the Popular Group in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, – who has registered with her deputies more than 300 initiatives since the coronavirus crisis began – considers that what has happened with tests that do not work show that the Government is an “incompetent authority”.


Along the same lines, the Deputy Secretary for Participation of the PP, Jaime Olano, has rebuked Sánchez for presuming to have “reliable and approved” tests when they later learned that they did not work. In addition, he stressed that the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, stated bluntly that “there were only 9,000 defective” and today they know that “there were more than 50,000.” “Enough of lies!”, He proclaimed on Twitter.

In the same way, the deputy secretary of Territorial Policy of the PP, Antonio González Terol, has accused the Executive of being “late” with the acquisition of the test and “on top of it bad” when it did not work. “Loyalty, yes, but a minimum of efficiency, Mr. Sánchez,” he snapped on the same social network.

For his part, the deputy spokesman for the Popular Group in Congress, José Ignacio Echániz, has affirmed that there is a government “negligent and a liar, while the death toll is in the thousands”, and has reiterated that the PP wants the complete file of purchase of imprecise tests.


The senator for Almería and member of the Bureau of the Upper House, Rafael Hernando, has directed his criticism against the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, for his statements accusing the right and the extreme right of using the coronavirus and 8M to attack to feminism.

“I thought Irene Montero would apologize to the thousands of women whom she and Carmen Calvo negligently exposed to the virus in Manifest 8M, increasing contagions, or at least those who could directly contaminate. But no, it insults the PP. decency would resign: it is the caste, “he said in a tweet in his account of this social network, which has been collected by Europa Press.


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