The PP forces a debate on “communist totalitarianism” in full campaign and forgets to condemn Franco

“Communism or freedom” is the main motto campaign of the candidate for reelection as president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. In this context, his party, the PP, tried this Tuesday to force a debate on “Nazi and communist totalitarianisms” in the Congress of Deputies, recovering a 2019 European Parliament resolution which condemned “in the strongest terms the acts of aggression, crimes against humanity and massive violations of human rights perpetrated by communist, Nazi and other totalitarian regimes.”

Ayuso, about Iglesias after knowing his candidacy: "It is related to the ETA environment, it wants to expropriate companies and encouraged to burn the streets of Madrid"

Ayuso, about Iglesias after knowing his candidacy: “It is related to the ETA environment”

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However, as the Socialist deputy Rafael Simancas recalled from the rostrum, the non-law proposal presented by the PP, which was debated in plenary on Tuesday, only focused on urging the Government “to sign the European Parliament Resolution of 19 September 2019 condemnation of Nazi and Communist totalitarianism “. It ignored the references to “other totalitarian regimes” that were included in the European text, thus leaving out the condemnation of the Franco dictatorship.

In the hemicycle, the PP – whose president, Pablo Casado, denied in the morning the end of ETA During his speech before the Board of Directors of his party – for this he received all kinds of reproaches from the forces of the left, nationalists and pro-independence forces. They reproached him for his “Franco past”, his links with the dictatorship and, above all, his reluctance to condemn Francoism every time that in the last 46 years any initiative on the matter has been voted on in the same plenary session of the Congress of Deputies. in 2002 the popular ones did condemn Franco’s coup of 1936 in the Constitutional Commission, but since then they have repeatedly refused to support the proposals of other groups that called for an express condemnation of the dictatorship.

One of the most forceful deputies against the popular ones was Enrique Santiago, a member of the United We Can Parliament and general secretary of the Communist Party (PCE). “The trio of Colón is on a permanent electoral campaign. By criminalizing communism, they seek to disqualify the democrats who brought democracy to Spain. As in the Franco regime, they have used the term communist to attack anyone who defends the public,” he recalled in Allusion to the dichotomy – “communism or freedom” – raised by Ayuso, but also to the constant disqualification by the PP of the progressive government, which they disparagingly call “socialcommunist”. Santiago assured that all these accusations “are undermined by listening to Ayuso say that fascism is the good side of history.”

United We can recall that the PCE “promoted” the Constitution

The PCE leader recalled that “the right has outlawed three times” his party and ventured that “they are preparing the ground for the fourth outlawing.” “Equating Nazism with any ideology is to trivialize evil,” added Santiago, who also considered that “the irresponsible competition of the PP with the extreme right is degrading democracy” and recalled that “those who founded the PP were Francoists.” “The Francoist right from which you were born shot thousands of compatriots,” he added, to recall that the PCE “promoted the constitutional pact” that the Popular Alliance of Manuel Fraga, the predecessor of the PP, “had a hard time accepting.”

Simancas, for his part, put a question to the bench of Pablo Casado’s party: “Do you condemn the Russian and German dictatorships but forget to condemn the dictatorship that murdered thousands of Spaniards?” In addition, he recalled that the European Parliament also recently approved another resolution in which it asked all democratic parties to move away from the extreme right. “And you offer them positions in ministries,” said the Socialist parliamentarian in reference to the agreements reached by the PP in Murcia with former Vox deputies to vote against the motion of censure of PSOE and Citizens, which failed on Thursday thanks to the pact between the popular, those extremist parliamentarians and three defectors from Ciudadanos.

With a more personal account, ERC deputy Joan Josep Nuet recalled his father’s militancy in the socialist youth during the Civil War. “He was, like many others, a JSE militiaman. He was very afraid of the bombs, the screams and long years of Francoist concentration camps,” he explained. That fight, Nuet added, served so that today PP deputies can “get up from their seats and say what they think.” “He fought for his freedom – he told the PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra – for my freedom, for our freedom,” he added.

The Republican deputy also recalled the “communist militants who passed through the Burgos jail” or those who were tortured in the General Directorate of Security installed by the Franco regime in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. “Sometimes in the silence of the night I hear their screams, can you believe me?” He asked Gamarra directly. Finally, Nuet recalled that “the history of the communists of this State has always been associated with freedom and democracy.” And he issued a warning to the PP: “In the freedom square they have many pending accounts. We have the gutters full of communist militants assassinated by the dictatorship.”

The “shame” of “calling communism fascism”

“The PP’s claim to call communism fascism is an ignominy. It is to equate the crimes of Nazism with those who fought it,” added, for his part, the BNG deputy, Néstor Rego, during his speech. He accused the PP of running a “dirty electoral campaign from moral turpitude.” “While you were growing up in the shadow of power, communist militants were assassinated. Begin by condemning the Franco regime, begin by investigating the crimes of the Franco regime,” he asked the popular.

“Stop making excuses for communism and clean your own houses,” added the representative of EH Bildu Oskar Matute. Also the PNV deputy Joseba Agirretxea, demanded an amendment to the PP proposal to include a condemnation of the Franco regime, without obtaining a favorable response from Casado’s party.

In its non-law proposal, the PP only had the support of Ciudadanos, Vox and PDeCat, so it will be rejected in the vote that will take place on Thursday. During her speech, the spokesperson for the popular in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, had charged against the “ideological straviness of formations that excuse the monstrosities perpetrated by communism” and accused the PSOE of carrying out a “self-conscious follow-through” of these behaviors.


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