August 5, 2021

The PP did not include the item to raise pensions in the 2018 Budgets | Economy

The PP did not include the item to raise pensions in the 2018 Budgets | Economy

The Government of the PP did not include in the Budgets of this year the item that finances the rise in pensions of 1.6% and the additional of widow's benefits. This revaluation was negotiated with the PNV to approve the 2018 Budgets. The agreement, which theoretically managed to save the legislature, was closed without the presence of the Executive technicians who knew the numbers.

The then Secretary of State for Budgets, Alberto Nadal, was not summoned to that meeting. And, according to sources from the Ministry of Finance aware of those conversations, Nadal's anger was such that he closed the budgets without consigning the money necessary to adopt this measure. However, Nadal denies it. In any case, there is now a legal obstacle to freeing funds.

The news was unveiled this Tuesday by the current Secretary of State for Social Security, Octavio Granado, in his appearance before the commission of the Toledo Pact in the Congress of Deputies: "They do not have a seat in the state of income and in the state of expenses […]. Yes, the initial agreement with Citizens has a seat, but not the later with the PNV. "

Now the Executive of Pedro Sanchez has found that this rubric has not been budgeted. As Granado told Parliament, yes it was the rise in low pensions that the Government of Rajoy signed with Citizens. And the 0.25% that contemplated the formula of sustainability of pensions. But not the remaining 1.35% that goes up for high pensions. Nor the additional increase in widowhood. Both concepts do not have an accounting entry that allows payment. So in these moments you have to find a way to finance those 1,300 million euros.

In any case, the upload is already being applied. And your payment until the end of the year is guaranteed. "We are going to pay, that is beyond doubt, that no one is alarmed. But we're going to have to apply accounting imagination to solve a problem that was created in the same moment in which a measure was passed that forced to spend more", Lamented the head of Social Security.

Granado said, in addition, that "we are still thinking how to solve this dislate because it is not easy" to post an income that "is not to finance an expense that is going to be." And he added that in the Ministry they were "thinking over" the issue to "get the accounts right".


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