September 19, 2020

The PP demands the resignation of Pablo Iglesias for the cause on the financing of Podemos

The Popular Party has gone a step further this Wednesday in its demand for responsibilities to United We Can as a result of the cause that investigates the financing of the party that has led to the accusation of the head of Communication, Juan Manuel del Olmo, to the manager, Rocío Val, and the treasurer, Daniel de Frutos, among many other own workers and from other companies that have worked for the party.

The PP demands that Sánchez and Iglesias "show your face" for the imputation of "part of the dome" from Podemos: "They can't hide another minute"

The PP demands that Sánchez and Iglesias “show their faces” for the accusation of “part of the leadership” of Podemos

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The vice-secretary of Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinos, who yesterday he demanded an urgent appearance of the vice president of the Government and leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, before the media, has requested this Thursday the resignation of the top leader of the confederal formation. “He cannot remain seated for another minute in the Council of Ministers,” Montesinos said in a interview on Telecinco.

“The United We Can does not have a pass, instead of giving explanations that we demanded, what it has done is to attack justice and we are talking about a party that is in the Government and whose objective would be to strengthen the institutions and not to erode them and the response of a party that sits on the council of ministers has been to attack the rule of law, imagine what would have happened if the popular party had done something similar “, he considered.

Montesinos speaks directly to the party: “We ask Pablo Iglesias to do what he asked others to do, to keep his word. If he breaks his word, he cannot be seated in the Council of Ministers for a second longer, which is what to do is to leave and leave all your political responsibilities. ”

The popular thus urge the second vice president to assume “the political responsibilities that he demanded of everyone” while in the opposition and leave “today” the Government: “We demand that he keep his word because his newspaper library is devastating,” said Montesinos, who He has also claimed to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, that if his vice president does not resign “press the red button” for his dismissal.

“Iglesias continues to sit in the Council of Ministers by his own decision, and it is he who ultimately can and should press that red button,” said the People’s Deputy Secretary, who has considered “an insult” that a party that sits in the Council of Ministers “deploys the strategy of eroding the institutions by attacking Justice and the Rule of Law”, and that “no leader of the PSOE puts his hands on his head.”

For all this, Montesinos has demanded that Sánchez in his appearance today before the media “speak clearly, do not go around the bush” and answer “what do you think is that the party of his vice president is involved in an alleged irregular financing and is I dedicated myself to attacking the institutions. ” “That he responds and does not go off on a tangent,” insisted the leader of the PP.


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