The PP demands more explanations from Churches for the “Dina case” in the face of behaviors that “distance themselves from feminism and are reprehensible”

The Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, has demanded more explanations from the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, to clarify the “tip-off” of the Prosecutor’s Office in the “Dina case,” which, in his opinion, “has not In addition, it has been asked whether it is “very common” in feminist policies of conciliation and support for working women that “your boss keeps a memory card on your mobile device.”

This is what he has said after Iglesias has assured that he does not conceive the possibility of being charged in the Dina piece of the Villarejo case, which investigates the theft of the mobile phone of his former adviser Dina Bousselham, and has defended that it should be considered as ” harmed “, because both he and his formation are victims of the strategy of” the sewers “to discredit them and remove them from the coalition government. In addition, he has stated in RNE that he has the support of President Pedro Sánchez.

In an act held in Vitoria on policies aimed at families in support of the candidate for Lehendakari, the PP + Cs coalition, Carlos Iturgaiz, Gamarra noted that they have found that “all those who speak so much of conciliation or feminism go the opposite direction. “

That said, he assured that he was “greatly surprised” by the statements of Pablo Iglesias in that radio interview, in which “he spoke of one of his collaborators, Dina”, and that, therefore, she is one of his “workers” .

“And he was talking about a memory card and he was talking, he said, I have not seen it, he must have seen it, of intimate photos that that card had, which he handed over destroyed. And I wonder if it is very common in feminist policies of conciliation and support for working women that your boss keep a memory card from your mobile device, “she highlighted.

The head of Social Policy of the PP has stressed that for her party “such behaviors are far from feminism and are absolutely reprehensible.” And she stressed that her training requires “more explanations” because she is the Second Vice President of the Government of Spain.


For this reason, the Popular Group has asked to bring together the Permanent Deputation of Congress – since July is unsuitable for parliamentary purposes – to try to get Iglesias to appear before the Justice Commission in order to “report on their participation” in the so-called ‘Dina piece’, a part of the ‘Tandem case’ in turn broken off from the ‘Villarejo case’.

Gamarra has emphasized that the objective of this request is for the Vice President of the Government to offer explanations in that Justice Commission about “what is happening and his own behavior.” “He cannot hide,” he emphasized, to summon him to give explanations “about the tip-off that the party he leads has not denied today by the Prosecutor’s Office.”

He also stressed that Iglesias is part of the commission that controls the National Intelligence Center (CNI). “And we are greatly concerned about his role within the CNI,” said the leader of the Popular Party.

Finally, Gamarra has also criticized that the Government has not appeared after the Council of Ministers. What do they have to hide? “He asked himself, adding that his party wants” transparency “.


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