September 29, 2020

The PP demands from the Government a coordinated plan for going back to school with mandatory masks and tests for teachers

The PP has launched a new offensive against the Government, this time for the return to school that will take place in the coming days. The eve of the Ministers of Education, Isabel Celaá; of Health, Salvador Illa; and Territorial Policy, Carolina Darias, meet with the councilors of the autonomous communities to close the fringes of this abnormal return to the classrooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic Pablo Casado has met with the regional managers of those portfolios. The main opposition party demands a coordinated plan from the Government, despite the fact that the powers in education correspond to the communities that have drawn up their own proposals and that there has been a series of recommendations prepared by the ministry in line with the autonomies.

Sánchez downloads the response to a second wave in the autonomies, which for the moment are reluctant to ask for the state of alarm

Sánchez downloads the response to a second wave in the autonomies, which for the moment are reluctant to ask for the state of alarm

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Casado reproaches Pedro Sánchez for having discharged responsibility in the communities. “Sánchez must assume his responsibility and not look the other way,” said the head of Social Policy of the PP, Ana Pastor, after the meeting with the councilors, according to the statement sent by Genoa to the media. Conservatives maintain that the public health law leaves the health authority in the hands of the central Executive in cases of pandemic. “The government has the sole command because we are in a pandemic declared by the WHO,” said the parliamentary spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, in an interview on Antena 3 in which she assured that the Executive “within the public health law has exclusive powers that it has to exercise “. According to Ana Pastor, this is established in article 14 of that regulation, which attributes to the Ministry of Health the powers of surveillance in matters of public health in certain situations, such as alerts issued by international organizations.

The PP has demanded a coordinated plan from the Government for the return to school in which they include some requirements that are already included in the guide distributed by the ministry two months ago, as the presence in the return to the classrooms. “Face-to-face attendance will be guaranteed for all students. If it is necessary to prioritize attendance by the students, due to the evolution of the pandemic, attendance will be maintained at the lower levels and stages (up to 14 years old)”, reads the text of Education, which also established the ratios of students per class.

Those from Casado demand that teachers be tested before they start working, something that some communities, such as Galicia, have already announced. Conservatives also argue that the use of masks is mandatory. The ministry document established different possibilities depending on whether they were “bubble” groups or whether the distance was guaranteed. Isabel Celaá has explained in an interview in the Ser string this Wednesday that the idea is that they are mandatory from the age of six. Another of the requests of the PP is that the distance be guaranteed. “The educational centers will calculate the distance between school posts and reorganize the spaces so that the students have a separation of at least 1.5 meters between people. In addition to said safety distance, ephemeral elements (partitions, panels, etc.) that facilitate the separation between students ensuring, in any case, adequate ventilation and proper cleaning, “says the Education guide.

Despite the fact that the communities are responsible for educational matters, Celáa explained that the inter-territorial meeting this Thursday seeks to make some “adjustment” with respect to the framework established in the June document as well as to study some measures that the autonomies have proposed in their corresponding plans, such as taking your temperature while attending school. “Tomorrow we will close it because there are autonomous communities that have suggested that taking the temperature can generate queues, something that we want to rule out,” said the minister.

“What is done in one place in Spain to prevent infection by the virus is the same or similar to what is done in another,” Pastor said. In terms of prevention we have to act in a coordinated way ”.


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