June 13, 2021

The PP defends the pardons to Barrionuevo and Vera because “neither was a member of the Government” at the time

The Popular Party has defended this Monday the pardons approved by the governments of Felipe González, José María Aznar and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, among which were those granted to those convicted of their participation in the GAL, the ex-socialists Rafael Vera and José Barrionuevo. “None of those pardoned by González, Zapatero or Aznar were partners of their governments or had a parliamentary group that would give them support in that legislature,” said the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, at a press conference.

Sánchez risks with the pardons before the Andalusian primaries that will mark the course of the PSOE and the Government

Sánchez risks with the pardons before the Andalusian primaries that will mark the course of the PSOE and the Government

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The ‘number two’ of the PP has thus wanted to differentiate these pardons from the possible pardons that the progressive government plans to approve for the independence prisoners sentenced by the procés. In the case of Barrionuevo or Vera, he has said, it was “a measure of grace not a compensatory measure to have support” parliamentary. García Egea has offered this answer during the press conference after the meeting of the Steering Committee of his party and after being asked if he did not consider a “sad page” in Spanish history the pardons granted to those implicated by the GAL, such as and as he had considered in the case of the independence prisoners.

During the press conference, García Egea assured that the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, will attend Colón’s protest against the pardons since the PP is not afraid of a photo with Vox. Thus, he will attend the protest against that measure of grace for the independence prisoners that will take place on June 13 in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid and that will bring together the three right-wing in that mythical square – PP, Vox and Ciudadanos – two years after the so-called photo of Colón.

The general secretary of the PP has assured that Casado will participate in “all initiatives” against pardons. And, asked if he fears that that photo of Colón will be repeated, García Egea has denied it: “I fear that the photo of Bildu with Adriana Lastra will be repeated. It bothers me the photo of the President of the Government signing pardons,” he said. “All the peaceful and civic initiatives against the pardons will have the support of the PP, from its president to the last affiliate,” he pointed out, adding that Casado was already in the demonstration against educational reform, the so-called ‘ Celaáa ‘Law, and now it will “support and be present” in the rally against pardons.

“It is a political payment”

After ensuring that if Sánchez had an absolute majority there would be no pardons, the PP leader has accused Sánchez of wanting to “rewrite the sentence” of the Supreme Court to “buy two more years of legislature.” “It is not a pardon, it really is a political payment”, declared García Egea. The secretary general of the ‘popular’ has indicated that the PP will support all the demonstrations in the street against pardons and recalled that the PP works to “unite the Spanish at the polls” and prevent them from “feeling ashamed of this Government, that it tries to rewrite the sentence of the Supreme “with a” scandalous self-indult “. “The PP is not going to be silent because in politics not everything goes,” he proclaimed.

Likewise, the ‘number two’ of the PP has considered that “after the devastating report of the Supreme Court” the pardon “is a payment that Sánchez is willing to transfer. It is a political payment. If Sánchez had an absolute majority we would not have pardons”, has been settled, after the meeting of the Popular Steering Committee. In his opinion, it is a “scandalous self-indult”, since Sánchez “wants to pardon himself, his entire government and buy two more years of legislature.”


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