The PP criticizes the "marketing" of the Government in economic matters and the lack of coordination with the opposition makes it ugly

In an interview in RNE, collected by Europa Press, Rodríguez assured that the press conference after the Council on Tuesday was "a representation" in which the "misguided measures" of the Executive raised by two "faces" could be seen different: Vice Presidents Pablo Iglesias and Nadia Calviño.

In this context, the 'popular' leader has argued that the Government does well to help "vulnerable" people but, in her opinion, must "work so that" many of these people "do not become vulnerable."

"It is a mixture of small grants, exemption from the payment of obligations that is very badly contrasted with the fact that the State does not renounce the payment of taxes. It is a dispersed mix with aid of all kinds that is difficult to analyze where problems are not solved. medium and long term ", he asserted.

Thus, Rodríguez has advocated protecting the "productive fabric" so that it does not disappear and that, "when the health crisis" ends, there is no "much worse economic crisis" due to the disappearance of a "large number" of SMEs.

For all these reasons, the PP vice-secretary has urged the Executive to consult with the opposition on the measures approved after the Royal Decree-Law of this Tuesday was not "worked" with any party. "All the ministers apologize because it is not received," he added.


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