The PP criticizes the end of the state of alarm whose extensions it rejected and recovers the “legal plan B” that Congress overthrew.

Just four days ago, the President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, accused the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, of “ruling by decree to hide his negligent management” and of doing so in an “authoritarian” way to maintain the state of alarm in force. . But after the chief executive will announce this Tuesday its intention not to extend the exceptionality Beyond May 9 – when the alarm currently in force ends – just what the PP was asking for, the popular people have also criticized Sánchez, whom they accuse of “looking the other way”, of delegating his functions to the autonomous communities and of not offering “legal certainty” to fight the pandemic.

The PP does not get support for its "legal plan B", one of Casado's star proposals against the state of alarm

The PP does not get support for its “legal plan B”, one of Casado’s star proposals against the state of alarm

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With those words, the Vice Secretary of Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinos, has expressed himself this Wednesday in a interview on TVE in which, at the same time, he said that “we should no longer be in a state of alarm.” “Mr. Sánchez looked the other way and today he is late. Our hand is still out and if he wants we have a legal plan B,” added Montesinos, recalling the alternative legislation proposed by Casado months ago and that was knocked down by the rest of the parties –Including its autonomous partners– in the Congress of Deputies, with harsh criticism from Vox and Ciudadanos.

In any case, the People’s Deputy Secretary has launched an “offer” to the Prime Minister to “speak to a new legal status” and has asked him to listen to “the main opposition party.” In addition, although he has considered that “the more vaccines” are inoculated, “the better”, Montesinos has criticized that Sánchez made the vaccination schedule public during the press conference he offered on Tuesday after the Council of Ministers. “It can’t be that he identifies vaccination with him.”

The PP believes that behind the announcements made by Sánchez there are electoral interests, because “whenever there is an electoral campaign Sánchez says that the pandemic is over. It happened with the Basques and the Galicians, it happened with the Catalans and now it happens with the Madrilenians. “, Montesinos has sentenced, who has added that the Prime Minister” has to see things very badly “for the interests of the PSOE in Madrid to carry out an intervention like yesterday’s.

Ayuso defense

The deputy secretary of Communication of the PP has also defended the management of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the Community of Madrid. “If Mrs. Ayuso has something, it is that every day she faces the media. Not like Sánchez who is in the Moncloa bunker,” he said. He has even claimed that Ayuso negotiated with Russia the arrival of the Sputnki vaccine outside the European Union and the Government. “What the Community of Madrid has done is to look for options,” he said.

Sánchez has been accused of activating the “mud machinery to attack the Community of Madrid”, which “was not going to take any steps without being in the framework of the national vaccination strategy.” “We want to make a contract with the Madrilenians. The more I support Ayuso and the more vote for the PP, the better,” he has settled.


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