September 26, 2020

The PP claims to be “the consensus party” after two years of Casado’s leadership, against the “most sectarian government of democracy”

The leadership of the Popular Party has decided this Thursday to ignore the successive electoral bumps in recent months and has made a more than positive assessment of the management of Pablo Casado, when two years have passed since his victory in the primaries. Despite the fact that with Casado the PP obtained the worst result in its history in generals – obtaining only 66 seats in the elections of April 28, 2019 -, and the second most negative of its entire existence – in the generals of November 10 He managed 89 deputies–, the party’s secretary general, Teodoro García Egea, assured at a press conference that the PP is experiencing “a good time”.

Married and Feijóo collide by the direction that the PP must take after 12J

Married and Feijóo collide by the direction that the PP must take after 12J

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“The average of the polls places us in a technical tie with the PSOE,” said the “number two” of the popular, in his appearance after the meeting of the party’s Steering Committee. For this reason, it has considered that the PP is “the party of consensus and dialogue”, as opposed to the “most sectarian and radical government of democracy”. In his opinion, this theory was endorsed in the elections of last July 12 in the Basque Country and Galicia, despite the fact that in the Basque case the popular ones suffered a hard blow – they lost three of the 9 seats they had – with the personal commitment of Married, and in Galicia Alberto Núñez Feijóo, of the most moderate sector of the party, devastated.

“The elections made it clear that the PP is the only alternative to the Sánchez government. In Spain, the PP or the sum of other radical and populist forces governs. Either Casado governs or Sánchez governs with the support of populists and extremists.”

For García Egea, the PP is “the great center-right force” of Spain, and that is why it has asked the voters of Ciudadanos and Vox to join their vote “in a winning option, alternative to the current one” in Moncloa. Citing again the polls that the PP handles, the general secretary of the popular ones has assured that “in the last year Casado has recovered 10 points in intention to vote”. “The Spaniards are realizing that the only alternative is to bet on Casado,” he said, before stressing that the autonomous and local governments of the PP are “an example of good management against the ineffective Sánchez government.”

A “serious, rigorous and forceful opposition”

Following the very hard strategic line that the PP has maintained throughout the pandemic, García Egea has assured that “the chaos of the single command is reaching the outbreaks” and that is why he has called for more controls to be carried out in ports and airports.

Immediately afterwards, the secretary general of the PP has defended exercising a “serious, rigorous and forceful opposition”, typical, according to him, of “a government party, a state party.” García Egea concluded by assuring, however, that “the government’s partners suffered a humiliating defeat” yesterday, during the vote on the opinions of the Commission for Reconstruction, as the text referring to social policies was not approved. For this reason, he maintained that in addition to being the “most sectarian and radical of democracy”, the Executive is also “the weakest”, and therefore “tries to weaken justice, the press or the Crown”.


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