The PP calls Sánchez's attitude on immigration "irresponsible"

Lanzarote receives more than a hundred immigrants in two small boats. / EFE

Domínguez assures that neither the president nor his ministers have made the minimum effort to mitigate the migratory pressure

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The president of the Popular Party of the Canary Islands, Manuel Domínguez, has lamented that almost three years after the start of the current migratory crisis that affects the Islands «we still have to observe such dramatic episodes on the front line» such as the one that occurred last night Friday, when the Maritime Rescue teams
rescued some 400 immigrants aboard eight small boats and inflatable boats in waters close to Lanzarote.

In his opinion, it is "one more example of the inexistence of an effective migration policy and the lack of interest of the Government of Spain in resolving the serious situation", as well as avoiding the loss of life on the Canarian Route, which
still the deadliest.

On this occasion, criticizes Domínguez, the episode occurred on the same coast where the President of the Government enjoys his vacations, a few kilometers from his summer residence, where "he remains oblivious"

The leader of the Canarian PP affirms that Sánchez's "irresponsibility" is "indescribable". His immigration policy, he says, “is the policy of arms crossed, of looking the other way, of silence and inaction.
His alleged agreements with Morocco have been useless because hundreds of migrants continue to arrive on our shores and, what is worse: many deaths«.

They rescue a boat with 53 migrants on the coast of Lanzarote

He insists that “neither Sánchez nor his ministers have made the minimum effort to mitigate migratory pressure. Not only has he not been able to establish alliances with these countries, he has also not put in place measures that are within his reach, and that only depends on the Government itself to alleviate this terrible situation ».

In this sense, Domínguez once again pointed to the controversy surrounding the installation of the
Integrated Exterior Surveillance System (SIVE) in Lanzarote, the lack of resources for rescue teams, attention to migrants, the National Police and the Civil Guard, which are "continually overwhelmed".

At the same time, he attacked the autonomous president,
Angel Victor Torres for being "complacent" in the face of the "passivity" of the central Executive. "He has not demanded any responsibility at any time, he has not raised his voice in Madrid, limiting himself to throwing balls out, directing the sights towards Europe, unable to recognize the mistakes of his leader," he sentenced.

Rodríguez: «We do not want to be a prison or a grave»

The Vice President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Román Rodríguez, has proclaimed this Saturday that the archipelago "does not want to be a prison or a grave" regarding the resurgence this weekend of the arrival of boats and canoes and the trickle of fatalities.

On social networks, Rodríguez asserts that "the reception" of migrants "is a patch in the face of a desperate situation" and that from the regional administration "we will continue to demand urgent formulas to promote and improve legal and safe ways."

“The Atlantic cannot be a mass grave; The Canary Islands do not want to be a prison or a tomb," proclaims the vice president, who "deeply" regrets the last two lives that "the deadly Canarian Route" of immigration has claimed.

It also refers to the more than 450 people who have arrived in the Canary Islands in the last 24 hours "fleeing from different circumstances."

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