July 15, 2020

The PP calls in its amendments for a commitment to the sustainability of public accounts

The PP requires that the Reconstruction Commission include the sustainability of public accounts and that Spain maintain its commitment to the Stability Pact and debt reduction, as included in some of the amendments it has registered to the conclusions of said commission.

The popular ones have presented some 300 amendments to the drafts of the four working groups (Health, Social Policies, EU and Economic Reactivation).

Regarding Health, it is committed to including a “diagnosis” of what the COVID-19 public health crisis has entailed and putting in place all the necessary measures to face a possible outbreak of the pandemic.

In this sense, it proposes improving the working and employment conditions of health system professionals, ending “the structural temporality” of the current model.

Regarding the conclusions of the Social Policies working group, the PP requests to reinforce the income guarantee system by developing the Minimum Vital Income Regulation, linking it to active employment policies and to the socio-labor insertion and itineraries of the beneficiaries.

Boosting a State Pact to end the wage gap and supporting female entrepreneurs are other initiatives that it proposes, as well as the implementation of a national strategy to fight poverty and a national pact for conciliation.

They also defend the promotion of a State pact for social services that includes an evaluation of the Dependency Law, a review of its financing system and effective and sustainable management in all the autonomous communities.

In economic matters, the popular group wants to perfect the second chance law, remove the obstacles to growth and productivity of companies due to “disincentive fiscal or mercantile regulations”.

The financial restructuring of companies whose balance sheets “have deteriorated due to the coronavirus crisis, the fight against job insecurity, the simplification of contracts and the incorporation of the so-called” Austrian backpack “are other amendments that the PP includes in this section.

From the text on the EU, apart from the commitment to the sustainability of public accounts, one of the things that the PP claims is that once the coronavirus crisis is overcome and the recovery is consolidated, the European Commission activates the application of the Stability and Growth Pact

He points out that future fiscal consolidation plans should be gradual, “predictable and at a pace that accompanies the recovery of economic growth.”

The Reconstruction Commission will convene on July 3 to debate the drafts of the four documents and write a single one, which is the one that will be taken to the plenary session.


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