The PP believes that the agreement in Andalusia is the prologue of what will happen in Spain

The PP believes that the agreement in Andalusia is the prologue of what will happen in Spain

The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has shown today convinced that the agreement reached in two bands with Cs and Vox for the Government of the Junta de Andalucía and the Mesa of the autonomous Parliament is the "prologue" of what will end occurring in the Government of Spain.

In an interview in the SER, García Egea has acknowledged that, to this day, he is unaware of the arithmetic that the next electoral events will throw, both municipal and regional and general, but he does believe that the PP "will lead the changes in Spain".

"The PP has returned, and has returned to stay and recover the support of thousands of people who for one reason or another stopped voting," he stressed.

García Egea recalled recent polls that point to the PP being the most voted party in a good part of the provincial capitals, which, in his opinion, may later also be translated into general elections.

Against this, the number two of the PP has opposed the attitude of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, who on a day like today travels to Mali to visit the Spanish troops deployed in that country.

"He likes flying very much, although I have to admit that visiting the troops is the only good thing that President Sánchez has done in the last month," he admitted.

In his opinion, the President of the Government should "take note" of the style of negotiation that has carried out the PP in Andalusia as an example for its negotiation to approve the general budgets of the State of 2019.

A negotiation in which, he has lamented, Sanchez speaks with the same independentistas partners that helped him in the motion of censorship and that now "they have despised him and all the Spaniards".

On his relationship with Vox, Garcia Egea explained that the only objective of the negotiation has been to have a political change in Andalusia.

"Anyone who wants to change Andalusia and look to the future has it very difficult to oppose this agreement," he insisted.

A pact, sealed last night, by which the forces that "oppose" the current acting Andalusian president, Susana Díaz, will have a majority in the regional Parliament's Table, so that Vox will have a voice and vote in exchange for supporting Marta Bosquet, the candidate of Cs to preside over the autonomic camera.


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