June 4, 2020

The PP asks why Health removed from its website a report prior to 8M

The PP has presented in Congress a question to the Government about the reason for the withdrawal on the website of the Ministry of Health of a report from the Alerts Coordination Center that warned about the risks of contagion of coronavirus that was dated two days before 8M .

The PP explained this Saturday in a statement that this report warned of the high rate of transmission of the virus in massive events, such as the commemorations of 8M, Women’s Day.

That report highlighted the potential contagion of people affected asymptomatically, as indicated by the PP, which asks about “the real reasons” for its removal from the Health website.

The PP has also registered other questions to the Government, including one on the measures that will be taken to provide material to health professionals before the pandemic is overcome.

Another question of the PP is referred to the committee of experts that advises on the de-escalation to the Government, to know in what matters they are specialists, given that “their names remain hidden from public opinion.”

The PP parliamentary group also asks the Pedro Sánchez Executive if he plans to promote measures to “make it possible for collaboration between public and private (health) to not be reduced to crises and epidemics like the current one.”

Likewise, the PP has registered in Congress almost thirty requests for data on the centralized purchases of medical equipment by the State from different companies, with their respective acts of reception.

The PP wants to be able to contrast and know how much of the supplies has not reached the autonomous communities, as explained in another statement this Saturday.

According to the PP, Health acquired centrally through the Institute of Health Management (Ingesa) or the National Health System, from companies such as 3M, Abbot, Antonio Puig, Biomerieux, China Meheco, China National, Danbury, Drager, Durvz, Escribano Mechanical, FCS Select, Fedifar, Genetic Analysis, Genomics, Getinge, Globalia Broker and Hangzhou Ruining.


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