July 24, 2021

The PP asks the president of the CIS in Congress for the last Barometer, the first of his mandate

The PP asks the president of the CIS in Congress for the last Barometer, the first of his mandate

The 'popular' have registered a request for the appearance of Tezanos in the Constitutional Commission of the Lower House to detail the content of the last Barometer, the first of its mandate, and, in particular, explain the methodology used to evaluate the results.


But, in addition, the first opposition party also wants the PSOE's sociologist to give an account of the reasons why, from now on, polls with intention to vote will be every month and not every quarter.

The CIS has decided to change its program of opinion barometers and to include every month questions of intention to vote and to evaluate leaders, which it collected quarterly (January, April, July and October) for more than 20 years, an issue for the Citizens also claims their presence in parliamentary headquarters.

As soon as the last Barometer of the CIS was published, both the PP and Citizens questioned the results of the survey, in which the PSOE repeated in the lead with a vote estimate of 30.5%, six tenths above the previous study and taking a advantage of 9.7 points to the PP, which was premiered with Pablo Casado in front and just four tenths above the figure after the resignation of Mariano Rajoy (20.8%). The PP was on the heels of Cs, with 19.6%, and in fourth position appeared Unidos Podemos, which added up to 16.1% with all its confluences.


Specifically, the parliamentary spokesperson of the PP in Congress, Dolors Montserrat, did not give any credibility to the results because, he said, the CIS has become the "campaign section" of the PSOE.

In statements to Europa Press, the president of the CIS blamed the criticism received at the first barometer of opinion to "the old culture of killing the messenger" and was willing to go to Congress to offer the corresponding, although, at first, he pointed out that The changes introduced in this survey are aimed at transparency.


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