July 29, 2021

The PP asks the Government tax rebates to support the tourism sector against the coronavirus




The popular parliamentary group has registered in Congress a non-law proposal in which it urges the Government to support the tourism sector before the «Alarm generated by the coronavirus» and asks you, for example, to withdraw your proposal to create a special tax that will severely use air transport.

In the initiative, the Executive is asked to “strengthen State policies” in favor of tourism and promotional actions and communication both in the national and international market, “with messages of tranquility and security” that cushion effects such as those caused in Barcelona after the suspension of Mobile.

It is, according to the PP, “to boost the perception of Spain as a destination of the highest level of quality, safety, professionalism and with a public and private health system prepared to face any critical situation ». In addition, the popular claim a tax burden reduction in state, regional and local taxes to “minimize the effects that the alarm generated by the coronavirus is causing, with specific bonuses in Social Security contributions.”

Another of the objectives of the popular parliamentary group is that the Government increase cooperation with the tourism sector and destinations in the face of the consequences of ‘brexit’, “in matters related to British access to Spain, civil aviation, air connections and access to public health », among others. The non-law proposal also urges the Executive to urgently set up the working table, announced by the Government, to review and update the Imserso senior holiday program.


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