June 14, 2021

The PP asks the Government if it will “control spending” to control that Torra dedicates the funds to Covid-19

This is reflected in the brief that has been presented in Congress by the deputy for Ciudad Real and spokesman for the Mixed National Security Commission, Juan Antonio Callejas Cano, and the deputy spokesperson for the Popular Group, Mario Garcés.

Faced with the “serious crisis caused by the Covid-19”, the PP wants the Sánchez Executive to control these expenses and ensure that the government led by Torra dedicates them to fighting the coronavirus.

“Does the Government of Spain contemplate controlling the spending of the autonomous governments in the hands of nationalist or openly independent political forces to ensure the allocation of funds to the urgent needs of all Spaniards? What measures will it take?” in the question that they have registered in Congress dated April 2 and to which Europa Press has had access.


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