March 7, 2021

The PP asks that the ITV expire according to the extended period

The PP has asked the Government that the technical inspections of vehicles (ITV) expire in the next reviews according to the period that begins when they actually pass the review after the extension due to the coronavirus and not according to the date they had set before the stop by the pandemic.

In a non-legislative proposal in Congress, the PP has shown its opposition to the regime of extension of deadlines to pass the ITV approved by Health during the state of alarm, because it computes as the basis of the new term the expiration date that was had and not the day on which the technical revision of the vehicle is actually passed.

For the PP, it is “unfair” to shorten the period of validity of the reviews that are made now, and it is also “harmful” for drivers, because they will have to pay for the next review (within a year or two, according to the vehicle age) earlier than it would correspond.

In the non-law proposal, the PP also demands that an additional single period of 7 months be set to spend the ITVs that expire during the state of alarm, instead of the anticipated 45 days plus additional weeks.

The PP has indicated that this claim is shared by the OCU consumer organization, the Uatae self-employed union, the federation of Fedetaxi taxi drivers and the Fenadismer transporters’ federation, among other associations.


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