The PP asks Sánchez to explain if there will be a global strategy for migration

The PP asks Sánchez to explain if there will be a global strategy for migration

The popular group has registered several questions in Congress in which it urges the Executive to explain if it will develop "a strategy that thinks about migration in a global way" in line with the European Union or will continue with "goodness" and giving "random answers" according to what "interests".

In the questions posed to the Bureau of Congress by the deputy of the PP Carlos Rojas, for their response in writing, the popular also want to know "what differences exist between migrants on board the 'Open Arms' and those who were in the' Our Mother Loreto '".

In this sense and in the explanatory statement, the PP recalls that the Executive has allowed the entry of the 'Open Arms' and "a month ago, that same Government did not want to accept the eleven immigrants of the fishing boat 'Our Lady of Loreto', that despite the serious situation they were living in, they had to be transferred to Malta. "

The PP stresses that while the minister Carmen Calvo assured, then, that the immigrants of 'Our Lady of Loreto' would not come to Spain, the president of the Valencian Community, Ximo Puig, asked that "do not let anyone die at sea "

In the opinion of the popular, these statements "are a good reflection of how little the Socialist Government cares about the role of the autonomous communities or local entities" and, in the case of the 'Open Arms', denounces that they have not developed "a work or loyal communication with the City Council of Algeciras or with social organizations".

Among the questions, the PP also wants to know if the Government has valued the effect of its voluntary return plan (consisting of an airline ticket and a 500 euro aid) and the "impact of the policy of lurches of Pedro Sánchez on the international scene. "


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