The PP asks Sánchez for a "reality bath" on his vacation on the islands

Senator Sergio Ramos denounces that to travel to Lanzarote he has used a helicopter while demanding restrictive measures from the Spanish for energy saving

CANARY7 The Gran Canarian palms

The senator for Gran Canaria of the Popular Party, Sergio Ramos, has recommended to the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, that he "take a reality check" during his new vacation in Lanzarote.

“It is insulting for the Canary Islands and for all Canarians that only the Archipelago exists on their agenda as a holiday destination. His actions to deal with the serious economic and social situation of the Islands are conspicuous by his absence, as had never happened before with any other head of the central Executive, "he said.

In his statements, the popular senator reproaches Sánchez's "ability" to enjoy his leisure time in a land that he "constantly ignores." "For the third consecutive year he takes refuge in the palace of La Mareta, ignoring the serious problems that remain pending solution, such as the migratory crisis that has affected the Canary Islands for almost three years," he commented.

"The inefficiency and lack of interest of its Government has caused that to this day the Integrated External Surveillance System (SIVE) has not been installed in Lanzarote, which remains packed in official facilities, forgetting that its implementation could prevent the death of thousands of human beings who use the so-called Canarian Route every day in the search for a better future”, said Sergio Ramos.

In this regard, the PP senator recalls that 60,000 irregular immigrants have reached the Canary coasts during the last two years. In 2022, compared to the same period of the previous year, it has increased by 27%, and 4,000 have lost their lives at sea. "Given this, Sánchez has preferred to be on the Islands enjoying the beach and the sun, while he ignores the real drama that occurs every day on our coasts."

«Our Autonomous Community continues to lead the rates of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion in all of Spain, while Sánchez decides to disconnect from his responsibilities as a king in Lanzarote, and little or nothing matters to him that the Canary Islands have the highest rate of youth unemployment in the entire national territory, that we have had a black month of July with the destruction of 5,876 jobs and that 1,193 Canarians have ended up in unemployment queues and uncertainty, "said the representative of the PP.

Super Puma and Falcon in full energy saving plan The senator from Gran Canaria has also denounced Sánchez's "double yardstick" with respect to the demands of the central Executive for energy saving. "What credibility can a government have, with its president at the head, when it proposes measures that all Spaniards must comply with, except him and his entourage," Ramos asks. "The president, once again, has decided to use the resources of the State, the public resources that all Spaniards pay for, for his particular benefit, skipping the rules that he proposes," he said.

«Sánchez has used a Super Puma helicopter on this trip to travel from La Moncloa to the Falcon that has taken him to Lanzarote. In other words, the aerial means used by the President of the Government to reach the Canary Islands has emitted approximately 18 tons of CO2, the same amount as 14 Spanish drivers for a whole year”, Sergio Ramos criticized.

In this sense, the PP senator maintains that “new efforts and sacrifices cannot be demanded day after day from families, companies and autonomous communities while the Government continues to waste as if nothing was happening.

It is inadmissible to be asked to lower the heating, to reduce the air conditioning, to turn off the lights and then get on a helicopter to get to a plane ».

“Sánchez has shown that he has no limits, he has completely lost the north, and for a long time he has acted as if nothing mattered to him. With the energy saving plan, we once again see the Government go back on its word and act with improvisation and arrogance, unilaterally. He first said forcefully that in no way would it be necessary to save energy in Spain and from one day to the next he approves a savings plan by decree and through a program that leaves much to be desired »,

Finally, Sergio Ramos recalls that the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has already requested an energy saving plan, “but not this plan, which the Government still has time to improve. It is not permissible to continue demanding new cuts and more adjustments from Spaniards, when we have been doing it for a long time out of responsibility and because the price of energy in Spain is prohibitive”, and adds that the one who must control unnecessary expenses is the Government itself. “You cannot continue to suffocate citizens to the extreme and continue to waste, without reducing even one of the 22 ministries that you have.”

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