The PP asks RTVE to clarify the information times for the Government and the opposition

Madrid, May 30 (EFE). The popular parliamentary group has asked RTVE to clarify the time it has dedicated to emitting, on the one hand, the press conferences and appearances of the Prime Minister and the Government Technical Committee for the Coronavirus, and on the other, those of each party in the Parlament.

The GPP reports today that it has asked in a parliamentary request for data on the time dedicated to each one of them for such events in the news through its television channels and the main RNE bulletins, and the list of experts and health technicians interviewed since the start of the alarm state.

In another request for data, the political group has claimed from the Conflict Office of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function and from SEPI all the documents related to the request for compatibility of the corporate general director of RTVE, Federico Montero, involved “in a possible case of incompatibilities and conflict of interests, due to his participation as administrator and sole partner of a private consulting company, ”according to the popular group.

Likewise, the GPP recalled that its training has submitted seven data requests to the Government in which it claims technical reports that justify the reasons why the CIS has made modifications to the polls since the arrival of José Félix Tezanos at the head of the institute. sociological.

The popular group considers that the main changes, one on vote estimation, "have broken fundamental and historical series" of the CIS that were "key" to understand the political news of each moment, and "negatively and seriously affect the democratic quality of Spain".

Requests for documents from the Government, under article seven of the Regulations of the Lower House, "refer in turn to reports on omission or modification of questions such as the intention to go to vote, or the assessment of leaders politicians, so some people were included who at that time lacked institutional representation, "according to the GPP.

Technical reports are also requested from the Ministry of the Presidency to justify the reasons why the CIS “has worsened” the regularity of the Barometer in carrying out field work, both in the size of the samples and in the dates of their execution, or by changing the usual order of the Barometer questions "damaging the historical series and influencing the responses offered by the respondents by introducing biases in them".


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