The PP appreciates the commitment of dentists and stomatologists during the crisis

The Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the Popular Party, Cuca Gamarra, thanked on Wednesday the commitment that dentists and stomatologists have shown as health workers to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Gamarra, together with the spokesman for Science in the Senate, Juan María Vázquez, held a telematic meeting with the president of the General Council of Dentists, Óscar Castro Reino, to learn about the concerns of the 40,000 professionals that this collegial organization gathers.

In this sense, Castro has explained that dentists, health personnel who also work in health centers, hospitals or sanitary facilities of any nature, are also suffering from a general shortage of sanitary material such as personal protective equipment or tests to determine their state of Health.

Likewise, they have explained that the little protection material they had has been transferred to hospitals and health centers, obeying social commitment and ethical principles and also at the request of the Ministry of Health.

However, they understand that it is not possible to carry out their work without this protection, which they see as incompatible with an activity declared essential, so they have demanded a temporary total closure of the clinics, leaving some of them for emergencies, provided they have the necessary means of security.

At the same time, he has expressed concern about the economic situation they will have to face after having seen their number of patients reduced to almost all.

Furthermore, as they are included as an essential service and the majority of them are self-employed with salaried personnel, this group will not be able to receive income to pay payroll, social insurance or taxes, “which will lead to the closure of a significant number of them, especially those owned by young dentists. “


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