The PP and the PSOE agreed to reform the law of the Judicial Power in October 2021

The PSOE and the PP reached an agreement, in October 2021, to reform the law of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). The then secretary general of the popular party, Teodoro García Egea, and the Minister of the Presidency of the Government, Félix Bolaños, reached an agreement that they set down in writing in a document to which the newspaper El País has now had access. In it, both formations undertook to jointly present a reform "of the organic law of the judiciary to unblock the appointment of the magistrates of the Constitutional Court caused by the non-renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary."

Brussels reaffirms its "concern" about the blockade of the CGPJ and urges its renewal and then change its method of election

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That bill consisted of the introduction of an article that modified the powers of the governing body of the judges while they were in office, as it is today, after three years of blocking the PP: "When, for not having been renewed within the legally established period, the CGPJ takes office as provided in section 2 of article 570, its activity will be limited to the performance of the following functions: 1st Propose the appointment of two Magistrates of the Constitutional Court , in the terms provided by article 599 of this Organic Law”.

In the text, Egea and Bolaños undertook to jointly present that proposal in the first possible quota –they estimated that it would be in the first week of November 2021–, “after the election by the Chambers of all the members of the Constitutional Court, Court of Accounts, Ombudsman and Data Protection Agency”, which both parties had previously agreed, with the controversial proposal by the PP of the magistrates Concepción Espejel and Enrique Arnaldo.

According to El País, based on sources from the negotiation, the objective of that agreement was to guarantee the renewal of the magistrates of the Constitutional Court while an agreement was still being sought to renew the blocked General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), which, they say, was almost done. According to the newspaper's account, popular sources affirm that in that practically closed pact they had wrested from the PSOE the commitment to reform the way in which the members of the organ were elected, as proposed by the formation then directed by Pablo Casado and that the judges be the that they choose the judges, an extreme that the socialists deny.

The agreement reached between the PSOE and the old leadership of the PP, ousted after the crisis with the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, at the beginning of this year, came to nothing with the appointment of Alberto Núñez Feijóo as the new president of the PP in April. The new head of the conservative party, after some meetings, asked to start negotiating from scratch. In an interview with the same newspaper published this Sunday, Feijóo said he was unaware of the content of this text. "If you have that text, I'd appreciate it, I don't have it," he denied, adding: "We don't have it. I think a list was agreed, that's what they told me, nothing more.

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