The PP alludes to an "operation designed" by the PSOE to cover up the scandal of 'tito Berni'

The general coordinator of the Popular Party, Elías Bendodo. / Europa Press

Mediator Case

The popular general coordinator has had an impact on demanding "explanations" from the PSOE in relation to this case

The general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo, has considered this Saturday that socialism must give
"lots of explanations" even around what he has called the "scandal" of 'Tito Berni', in reference to the also known as the 'Mediator case', which supposedly involves the former socialist deputy
Juan Bernardo Fuentes.

In the course of an intervention open to the media during a visit to a PP information tent in Malaga, Bendodo has influenced
demand "explanations" from the PSOE in relation to this caseBecause, as he has added, he does not want to "think that we are facing the three pieces of an operation perfectly designed to cover up this scandal by the Government" of Pedro Sánchez.

The one who was also president of the PP of Malaga and advisor to the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía has stressed that
For the Andalusians "it is not a surprise" what is being investigated in the "Mediator case", because the socialists "already did" something similar "in Andalusia with the Faffe --Fundación Andaluza Fondo de Formación y Empleo-- and the ERE", and regarding this last case of irregular employment regulation files, he remarked that " socialism said "in this community"
that it was a matter of four gulfs«, and »now socialism says that there are only five deputies« those involved in the 'Mediator case'.

Faced with it,
has highlighted that "the four gulfs" of the ERE case "Two presidents of the Board and several councilors have been taken away", for which reason he has advised the PSOE to "take note of how it is approaching this case of 'tito Berni'".

I do not want to think that we are facing the three pieces of an operation perfectly designed to cover up this scandal by the Governmentthat someone from the PSOE has ordered three phases to get out of this case, which is a scandal and which embarrasses us all", Bendodo commented.

The leader of the PP has detailed that these supposed "three phases" to cover up the "scandal" would go through, first,
"a tip off to try to cover up the case", and in this regard, it has highlighted that "there were resignations in the environment of 'tito Berni', from the Canary Islands Government, before the case broke out, in June of last year", for which reason "the Socialist Party and Sánchez knew it », as he has maintained.

The second of these phases would go through the decision of the Prosecutor's Office, which "depends on the Government", as Bendodo recalled that Sánchez indicated in an interview, of "
leave 'tito Berni' on the street against the criteria of the judge, who warned of the danger of destroying evidence«by the already ex-deputy of the PSOE.

And, "finally, it seems, the Congress of Deputies, whose president is from the PSOE, allows 'tito Berni'
to buy his phone and his 'tablet'« that he acquired due to his status as a deputyas criticized by Bendodo, who has warned that Juan Bernardo Fuentes "is buying" thus "the evidence that is within those two devices that Justice wants to review."

White and bottled«, has sentenced the general coordinator of the PP to conclude by insisting that »socialism has to give many explanations« about this case.