August 5, 2021

The PP again calls today for the resignation of the Minister of Justice in Congress

The PP again calls today for the resignation of the Minister of Justice in Congress

The PP will ask again today in the plenary session of the Congress the resignation or the cessation of the Justice Minister, Dolores Delgado, when estimating that her "very serious action" at the head of that department and her "scandalous conversations" with the ex-commissioner José Manuel Villarejo they disable her to continue in office.

The motion of the PP will be foreseeably approved in the plenary session since Podemos, which has also publicly requested Delgado's departure from the Government due to its relationship with "the interior sewers", has advanced that it will abstain in the voting.

The PP obtained that the minister was reproved in the Senate, where it counts on absolute majority, and today it will defend before the plenary session of the Lower House a motion to demand its "immediate resignation" or, in case it does not do it, that the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, proceed to his cessation.

In the opinion of the popular, Delgado's brief career in the Ministry throws up a "sad sheet of services", especially for his "null will" to defend in Belgium the investigating judge of the case of the "procés", Pablo Llarena.

But to that are added, the PP maintains, "facts and opinions" expressed when I was a prosecutor, in the conversation recorded by Villarejo and leaked to the digital, which also disables her to remain a minister.

The popular criticizes Delgado for saying that he prefers the courts of "uncles" to those of "aunts" when he advocates a gender vision in the Justice, for calling "nenaza" or "queer" to two magistrates and for not acting if he saw presumed illicit activities on a work trip or received information about criminal acts committed by Villarejo.

Delgado will appear at his own request on Wednesday at the Justice Commission of Congress to explain his relationship with the ex-commissioner, in preventive detention for crimes such as belonging to a criminal organization, bribery, revelation of secrets and extortion.

According to the minister explained, in his 25 years as a prosecutor agreed with Villarejo in three events.


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