Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

The PP activates a massive sending of SMS to ask the vote to 1.2 million people

"Hi I am Pablo Casado. I ask for your vote to add a new majority of change in Spain in the face of the economic crisis and the separatist challenge. ” This is the message – without tildes – from the PP candidate to 1.2 million people of all the Spanish territory. A massive shipment on the last day of the campaign, which the popular ones have confirmed, and that has not discriminated in any case based on the political sympathies of the recipient.

In fact, many users have complained of having received the message because, they have alleged, they never provided their telephone to the conservative party. PP sources have told the agency EFE that it has obtained the telephone numbers of a database provided by a “marketing” company among “those who have shown a favorable disposition to be contacted by message to receive communications on occasion "

The message of Pablo Casado

The message of Pablo Casado

The only information available for this campaign is the telephone number “without linking to the user's name” or their personal information, the sources clarify. This explains why the message has not been sent based on the ideology of the citizens.

Despite these explanations, there have been complaints from many recipients about the inability to delete them from the aforementioned databases. The message includes a link to a video titled "We are going to win, we are going to govern and we are going to conquer the future of this great nation."

The PP is not the only one who has opted for mobile phones to campaign, since also the leader of More Country, Íñigo Errejón, has resorted to a similar method. In their case, the citizens received an automated call, with a recording in which they were told that if they wanted to speak with a volunteer, they would be called again personally.

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