The PP achieves the absolute majority in Andalusia: the reactions, live

Andalusia dawns this Monday after the absolute majority of the PP in the elections this Sunday. Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla has won 58 seats that will allow him to govern alone, something never achieved by the popular and that has not been seen in the community since the time of Manuel Chaves (PSOE). The PSOE has dropped to 31 seats, from the 33 it achieved in 2018, and has thus marked again the worst result of its records in the region. Vox has improved its brand compared to the previous elections, but its 18 deputies will not be necessary to reach any government agreement.

For its part, Citizens has disappeared from Parliament, losing the 21 seats it had won three and a half years ago. That debacle led Juan Marín, his candidate, to "assume full responsibility" for the result and to announce that he will present his resignation this Monday. To the left of the PSOEAdelante Andalucía has added two seats, while Por Andalucía has won five.

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