The PP accuses Sánchez of "discriminating" according to the territories and not acting with "objective criteria"

The PP's general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, on Monday accused the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, of "discriminating" in the de-escalation based on the territories and of not acting according to "objective criteria". After denouncing that he continues to hide the names of the committee of experts that advises him, he has stated that the conclusion is "chaos" on this first day of phase 1 due to "lack of clear criteria for all regions" and "lack of direction" of the government.

"We propose that the decisions be objective and not subjective based on the personal whim of Pedro Sánchez," he declared in a recorded intervention sent to the media after the meeting of the PP leadership committee chaired by the PP leader, Pablo Casado, coinciding with the first day in which half of Spain goes to phase 1 of the de-escalation and amid complaints of autonomies such as Andalusia, Madrid or the Valencian Community.

García Egea has assured that today many territories are waking up in that first phase of lack of confidence but they do not know the criteria, the experts or the indicators that "have led the Government to make decisions" to move to this stage in some areas and not in others , such as Granada, Malaga or the Valencian Community.


Faced with this situation, the PP leader continued, "today Pedro Sánchez is being criticized not only by PP leaders like Juanma Moreno" but also by socialists such as the president of the Valencian Community, Ximo Puig, who complain about the "obscurantism" of this process.

Thus, he pointed out that in Andalusia its president has revealed the names of the people who have recommended him to take decisions and has complained that at the national level it is followed "without knowing the names of the experts who have advised President Pedro Sánchez on the phases that the different communities must assume ".

In this sense, he stressed that the decisions that are made as the health emergency decreases must be made "based on known experts, known indicators and known criteria."


García Egea has stressed that his party proposes that the decisions "be objective and not subjective based on the personal whim of Pedro Sánchez." At this point, he stressed that the "objective criteria" of the autonomous presidents of his party "have been successful" and "have managed to save lives" advised by "well-known experts".

"The decisions of the PP presidents have saved lives because they have been based on objective criteria. The decisions of President Pedro Sánchez have not been and are not, unfortunately, still based on objective criteria or known experts," he emphasized.

For this reason, he has insisted on asking the Executive again which experts are advising him in this de-escalation process, a request that the Popular Group has taken to the Congress of Deputies through a request for data.

"It is legitimate to ask ourselves today who advises President Pedro Sánchez, what he hopes to achieve with this discrimination based on the territories and what criteria have led him to decide whether some territories will pass the phase or not," he said.

The 'number two' of the PP has thrown Sanchez in the face of the lack of a single criterion for autonomy. "We ask ourselves why the same criteria have not been followed for all the communities today and why what is valid for the Valencian Community does not work for Andalusia. And we do not know the criteria that have been used in a community and in another "has abounded.

For all these reasons, he stated that "the conclusion of the first day of phase 1 is clear: chaos, lack of clear criteria for all regions, lack of projection and, ultimately, lack of a course that the Government lacks at this time. "


In addition, he has indicated that while this Monday any Madrilenian can go to a pharmacy to get a mask, his party does not know of "any measure" of the Executive that "goes along the lines of protecting the population more or carrying out massive tests."

According to what he has said, the population will be able to go out into the streets but "there are no guarantees because there are no tests to guarantee that the management of the pandemic does not go back." "That is why today the Spanish are alone in the face of the tremendous responsibility that the government has ceased to exercise to protect the population, to provide security, to give objective criteria and to give clear indicators," he asserted.


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