June 21, 2021

The powers of the State are handed over to the dictator Xi Jinping in the search for new business with China

The powers of the State are handed over to the dictator Xi Jinping in the search for new business with China

Thirteen years are enough to make history. That is the time that has passed since the last official visit of a Chinese president to our country. A sufficient period for Pedro Sánchez to have given this transcendental character to the presence of Xi Jinping in Spain. All the powers of the State, with the exception of the judicial one, have stopped everything to receive the dictator, leader of the second economic power of the planet.

Madrid has been this Wednesday a city designed for the visit. The streets through which the passage of the comitivas was planned have been cut off to traffic, the kings have opened the Royal Palace and the Senate has dressed up to welcome President Xi Jinping.

It has not been repaired in details to entertain him, to the point that the police have been concerned to keep a man dressed as Winnie The Pooh, which daily entertains tourists at Puerta del Sol. The agents claimed that the presence of the character did not bother the Asian leader. The figure created by Alan Alexander is associated in China with dissidence and criticism with the one-party regime.

Xi Jinping takes the keys to the city from Madrid, which the mayor, Manuel Carmena, has personally handed over to him. The Asian leader has assured that he will use these keys "so that more Chinese people can make tourism in the city".

Meeting with businessmen and without journalists

During the presence of Xi Jinping in our country, a score of commercial agreements have been sealed, of which the most mediatic is that which allows Iberian ham to finally enter a potential market of 1.3 billion consumers. "China is a priority country not only from the commercial and business point of view, but also from the emotional and cultural point of view," said the president, Pedro Sánchez, during a business forum organized around the visit.

Sanchez has highlighted the importance of China for the Spanish economy and has described as "special relationship" maintained by both countries. In the middle of the commercial war that confronts China with the US and a few days after the start of the transcendental summit of the G-20, Spain has decided to align itself with the Asian giant.

The interventions of the two presidents during the meeting with businessmen have been broadcast in deferred and without the journalists having been summoned to the meeting. There has been no press conference to assess the meeting between the two leaders. Spain has respected the style of the guest so as not to disregard the economic agreements that depended on a trip that Pedro Sánchez has defined as "historic".


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