The posthumous novel by Almudena Grandes already has a date

The posthumous novel by Almudena Grandes already has a date

The news of the death of Almudena Grandes last November was a blow to all his followers. A committed writer who had forged a coherent and exciting narrative work was saying goodbye too soon. Before her death, she Grandes left a new work written, as her publisher announced shortly after the tragic news was known. A novel whose name is Everything is going to get better and whose date of arrival in bookstores is now known, on October 11.

Almudena Grandes, the novelist who admired Galdós and vindicated the losers of the 20th century

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A posthumous work that, according to Tusquets, is “a choral novel of political anticipation that contains the collective portrait of Los besos en el pan and the intrigue of the resisters of the Episodes of an Interminable War, through an unforgettable gallery of characters that, in a country that has suffered strong shocks, they do not want to resign themselves”. They have also advanced a first synopsis that speaks of a Spain in the near future where a new political party has been created called 'Citizen Movement ¡Soluciones Ya!' who has swept the elections.

A party led in the shadows "by a successful businessman who advocates that the Council of Ministers function as a board of directors, and who has ambitious projects to fix the country." “After a wave of vandalism, he will form a new corps of Watchers; after a Great Blackout, it will create limited access to the internet, and, in the face of difficulties, it will stimulate unlimited freedom to buy and consume. All of them will be extraordinary measures because the country is facing new forms of pandemic that require security above all else. Only a group of ordinary men and women will dare to dismantle the lies of the new regime in which everything appears to improve, when in reality they live under the abuse of unscrupulous powerful people, ”advance from Tusquets in a press release.

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